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The gutless wonders at Anheuser-Busch beer conglomerate are running a pro-immigration one minute ad during the Super Bowl, and they don’t have the cojones to admit that it is an anti-Trump statement on behalf of their company. It is so typical of the Left to take a swing at their opposition and hide behind the skirts of “that was not our intention.”

Liberals never enter front doors where they are exposed by the light of the day. They always go through the back door during the dark of night, that is when they are not slithering on their bellies through the basement window. But that is just who Liberals are; deceptive, manipulative low-life who use innocent people to expand their globalist intentions.

The multi-million dollar ad will feature the life of Aldophus Busch, a German immigrant who came to America in the 19th century. He is rebuked by ‘old timey’ Americans who scold him for being in America with cries to “go back home.” My instincts are usually pretty darn good and while I have not seen the ad, I have a hunch that the ‘old timey Americans’ are depicted as present day Republicans and mean ole conservatives.

According to the Budweiser VP Ricardo Marques, the ad is about Busch’s dream and what he did to get here. Marques states that it is ‘super-relevant’ to today, even though it happened in the 1850s. He continues that the story is about the drive, pursuit of success, and hard work of this German immigrant, and that his company had no intent to make a counter statement to Donald Trump. Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

I assume that Mr. Marques is so impressed with himself that he assumes the little people who will be watching the Super Bowl will fall for his bullcrap. What are the odds that Budweiser would choose this time in history to push a 165 year old immigration story, complete with “old timey” Americans who are prejudiced and mean-spirited? I’ve got my hand up to answer that question, and the answer is, “slim to none.”

Liberals think that they are the smartest people in the room and conservatives are the dumbest. Their incessant lying and indoctrination has pushed them to new heights, but that elevator is beginning to slip, and they are going to land at the bottom of a dark and dank shaft.

Considering that Budweiser receives only a 58 out of 100 in the online beer review site, I would say that somebody at Anheuser-Busch dropped Aldophus Busch’s ball. And now the conglomerate is politicizing their product for the progressive agenda.

Conservatives need to be making a list and checking it twice. Companies which are openly pushing globalism and assaulting conservatives (ole timey Americans) need to be boycotted or receive appropriate consequences for their uppity and elite activism. The purse is the most vulnerable spot for any business.

At some point we have to sacrifice things we like for principles. Budweiser needs to pay a price for it’s in-your-face but indirect statement against Donald Trump. And every company like Budweiser, which decides to use it’s voice and products to promote liberalism and disrespect conservatism, needs to feel the wrath of the conservative movement.

This Bud’s for liberals. This Bud’s not for you!

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