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A few days ago, Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential 2016 running mate, the little known Tim Kaine, stepped out from the shadows and urged the Democrats to fight the Republicans in Congress, online, and in the streets. He was unabashedly calling for violence against Trump and his supporters.

This should be of no surprise. The Democrats are, after all, the party of abortion, domestic terrorist and Obama buddy Bill Ayers, the New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Madonna and her blowing up of the White House threats, and many more unhinged radical loons.

Kaine should feel quite proud of himself, because as ineffective a he was as a VP candidate, someone was listening to him after all. Yes, Tim Kaine, you have proven yourself to have relevance. The students at Berkeley were all ears when you called for taking the fight to the streets. Ask and you shall receive!

Last night the students of Berkeley took to the streets of the town and college campus and put on a fireworks display of intolerance for gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo was to speak to a crowd of five hundred students at the student union, but the progressive anarchists had different plans. Not only did they shut down the event, but they set fires, tore down fences, busted windows of banks and stores, and assaulted motorists. One motorist drove away from the riots with a protester clinging to the hood of his car.

A Trump supporter was pepper sprayed in the face while talking to a reporter. Rioters threw paint on bystanders. One of the protesters screamed through a megaphone, “It’s not a question of free speech. It’s about real human beings.” I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I’m pretty sure that the Founders were applying the First Amendment to real human beings.

And what can only be described as typical of the left-wing crybabies, one of the anarchists who is a 26 year old by the name of ‘Zombie,’ held back his tears while complaining, “The cops shot me with pepper balls. It hurt.!” I bet they didn’t hurt as much as pepper spray in the eyes of an innocent woman who merely expressed her support of President Trump. Let’s see, which would be more painful, a pepperball to the butt, or in the eyes? But is it any surprise that Zombie wouldn’t have a clue?

If I were a gambling woman, I would wager that Zombie lives in his mom’s basement and gets a monthly check from the United States government or George Soros. And he lives for the next riot or opportunity to destroy something.

Interestingly, neither the Berkeley campus police nor the cops that were called in from neighboring communities found it necessary to arrest any of the protesters. Burning buildings and breaking windows are acceptable if you live in California or attend Berkeley. Law enforcement even ignored the man who sprayed a woman in the face with pepper spray.

But before we jump to conclusions about these protesters, we must keep in mind that they are representatives from the party of compassion and tolerance. They stand against hate and violence, and if you don’t fall in line, they will just burn your house down.

The Democrat Party is looking for a confrontation. They want violence. In fact, they need violence if they are to have any chance at reclaiming their power. The riots and protests are instigated to create the chaos that Saul Alinsky encouraged his followers to implement.

They have nothing else left. They cannot maintain the progressive momentum through the legislative or executive branches. And after President Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Democrats are panicking as they are soon to lose their upper hand in the judicial branch.

But in their demented minds, if they can create enough turmoil and lawlessness in the streets of America, it will be perceived through the media that their numbers and movement are stronger and grander than they are in reality. The Democrats are trying to embolden their base and incite disorder in attempt to provoke a lone wolf to assassinate President Trump.

At that point, considering the deep division within the country, Democrats imagine the country as up for grabs.

Tim Kaine had a purpose for putting out the call to Democrats to take the fighting to the streets. He is a point man in the game and he is positioning himself. Evil knows no limits and is not particular as to whose doorstep it deposits its shoes. Tim Kaine undoubtedly has boots ceremoniously situated outside his house. And for the first time since his nomination as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, someone actually listened to him.


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