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The Boys Scouts of America have once again been selected to be a guinea pig for social experimentation. But this time it is the transgender community which is exploiting the historic and traditional boys club. The BSA is now accepting transgender boys, otherwise known as girls with female genitalia, who would like to be a boy.

It only stands to reason that the precedence for the legal action, which brought about this mandate for the Boy Scouts to accommodate girls who call themselves boys, into their organization, will serve as the standard for the Girl Scouts. It is only a matter of time until a boy who identifies as a girl will become the first transgender girl in the Girl Scouts.

So, wouldn’t the logical question be, “Why not abolish the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts and conjoin the two organizations under the title of “Scouts of America?” If gender is irrelevant as the LGBT crowd insists, then a unisex scouting organization would be the practical solution.

But a pragmatic resolution to the issue of the Scouts and gender is not what the LBGT advocates are pushing. Having an organization open publicly to anyone of either sex does not accomplish the goal of legitimizing gender fluidity. I have no doubt that the ultimate mission of the Left is to merge the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. Their intentions are to completely eradicate the words boys and girls from the narrative.

Why not do it now? Because they need the steps in the interim to establish their objectives of gender fluidity. Progressivism is a steady and slow means of brainwashing. Progressives sidestep radical revolution in favor of baby steps and incremental behavior changes. First, they desensitize the population. The radical ideas are several steps into the behavior modification process.

If the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts merge, the club will be no different than any other ordinary social organization which permits males and females. The objective of first forcing the Boy Scouts to accept transgenders is to legitimize transgenderism. The Left must use legal force to penetrate normal society with their perverse ideals and ideology. They have a process with which to convince every day Americans that transgenderism is normal behavior for certain individuals. And that process includes an adjustment period in which the culture is flooded with transgender legal issues. As the transgenders win their cases in the courts through activist judges, a once dubious populace begins to soften and accept what was once considered bizarre.

We saw this phenomenon with same-sex marriage. Gays and progressives were not content with same-sex unions which would provide the same legal benefits to gay couples as married heterosexual couples. They demanded that the definition of marriage be distorted to satisfy their own selfish desires to change the culture in terms of forcing society to not just recognize their same-sex relationships, but to approve of homosexuality as a natural sexual relationship. The term same-sex marriage suggests that homosexuality is a normal and alternative choice to heterosexual marriage.

The manipulation of language is key to the indoctrination of the masses. And liberals are masters at restructuring linguistics.

When the LBGT community began their push for men in women’s rest rooms and dressing rooms, it should be noted that there was considerable opposition by the Left to find a fair and amicable compromise for the so-called need for transgender women to use women’s restrooms and transgender men to use restrooms for men.

The simple fix to the dispute was to convert multi-facility bathrooms into multiple single unit facilities. Rather than to have an open bathroom with six stalls, it would have been less complicated and acceptable to most reasonable people to have six separate bathrooms, each with one commode, urinal, and sink. Each bathroom would have a lock for privacy. This arrangement would provide privacy for all parties, and transgenders would have the same accommodations as everyone else.

Oh, but of course, the LBGT crowd didn’t want separate units. Once again, their objective was two-fold. First, they wanted to complicate the issue by insisting that transgender women are just like biological women. Secondly, they wanted to introduce their gender fluid agenda into the mainstream by using the most frequented means of having the genitals exposed when not in the privacy of one’s home, which would be in public restrooms and dressing rooms.

They needed for the desensitization to begin with women being exposed to male genitals in public and little girls becoming familiar with partially nude male bodies. The LBGT community doesn’t care if predators use an open restroom to prey on young girls or boys. If they had any concerns for safety, they would have welcomed the single unit bathrooms with locks.

The LBGT’s primary purpose of the transgender bathroom controversy is to blur the lines of binary sex. Their objective is to establish a genderless or gender fluid culture with no hes or shes, only its.

The Boy Scouts of America is just another vehicle with young impressionable children from which to launch their crusade. Always remember that for the progressives, it’s always about the young adults and the children. They seek those individuals with the weakest and most vulnerable minds as the targets of their sinister propaganda attacks.

Transgenderism is an infectious cultural plague. It spreads because of ignorance and political correctness. And it feeds on children. Scouts Honor!

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