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Many of my conservative friends have had a pie in the sky optimism that Democrats would learn to appreciate President Trump when they discovered that his policies are good for America. They have been hopeful that as the jobs returned, taxes were lowered, regulations were slashed, and Obama’s flawed policies were dismantled, even Liberals would have to appreciate a more prosperous nation.

This will never happen. We conservatives have a tendency to project our normal thinking patterns onto Liberals. We expect them to think logically, but they don’t, and neither the facts nor the actions of President Trump will change that reality. President Trump could shrink the national debt to five trillion dollars in his first four year term, and the Democrats would all find a reason to ignore the statistics.

First, they would say that Obama did it and Trump got the credit for it. And then they would say that Trump did it off of the back of poor Americans, illegals, and Muslims. If you are a conservative and you are waiting for the time that you can boast of Trump’s accomplishments with your liberal acquaintances, you are only deluding yourself.

During the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, we have witnessed sheer insane behavior radiating from the Democrat camp. Conservatives were na├»ve to believe that the election of Donald Trump would change the landscape and eventually bring about a unified republic. That will never happen.

Anyone who has been watching the recent protests and riots of those on the Left during the past fourteen days should understand the intensity of the madness which has overcome the Democrat Party. The anti-Trump Women’s March itself was a window into the mind of liberal women and their ungodly souls. Any woman who would wear a pink pu*sy hat to demonstrate her solidarity with women’s rights, has a screw loose.

As Rod Serling would have said, “Imagine if you will, a woman who believes that it is a woman’s right to kill her own offspring and identifies herself by wearing a vagina hat while shouting “I am nasty.” I can promise with all certainty that thirty years ago had Americans witnessed such an outrageous display of indecency and depravity in the name of women’s equality, they would have indeed believed that they had crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

The university riots at Berkeley and New York University were only a preview as to the coming attraction. Burning campuses and surrounding businesses to show displeasure over conservative speakers who come to address students who have “purchased tickets” to hear them is not only criminal but nefarious. And to add to the absurdity, the local and campus police allowed the violence without even arresting the perpetrators.

The Democrats have promised to resist and obstruct President Trump and his agenda. These are not isolated threats. They are widespread comprehensive warnings as to how they intend to overthrow the country through mass violence. They are calling for a military coup, President Trump’s assassination, and impeachment.

Neither the Democrat leadership nor the base has any intentions of allowing the Republicans to return to policies of sanity. They are going to keep the country in turmoil until the mainstream media has convinced someone on the Left to kill someone. We will have a political assassination of a public figure. It will not necessarily be the president. But it will open the portal of hell.

The mainstream media wants violence. It plays into their progressive narrative.

It is being reported that the new gun buyer is the liberal. Liberals are buying guns in massive quantities. Imagine that. The so-called anti-gun crowd suddenly wants guns. They just don’t want conservatives owning guns.

The Democrats thought that they would complete their transformation of America non-violently through the presidency of Hillary Clinton. But their plans were thwarted, and they have since realized that they must use force. And they will. They are willing to do anything to stop the abandonment of Obama’s progressive agenda.

They will obstruct. They will resist. And as even Madonna suggested, they will kill.

They will destroy this nation intentionally before they will allow a return to constitutional principles.

While Conservatives pray for President Trump to lead this nation from the cliff on which it teeters, Democrats engage in preparation for violence. As Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate stated, “Fight them in the streets.”

Do not doubt. Conservatives will win this battle. But how much of the republic will remain standing when it’s over is the question!

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  1. For 8 long years, we have endured a Marxist, Muslim sympathizer. While I hated, his ideology, I never once considered, rioting, destroying property, destroying my country. or killing the man! These insane people, will stop at nothing!

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