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Early Americans recognized a college education as the opportunity of a lifetime. Earning a full scholarship to attend one’s college of choice or having prosperous parents who could afford the costly investment was part of the American dream. Student loans and financial aide soon became available, opening the university doors to anyone who could pass the stringent admittance tests.

In the mid to late 1900s college entrance was recognized as a scrupulous process which required the applicants to prove that they had the intellectual prowess to meet the rigorous demands of the course work. High school seniors who received low marks on their ACT or SAT tests were not accepted into most institutions of higher learning. There was an unspoken awareness that college professors were not going to waste their time on students who were unprepared for the grueling advancement from high school to upper academia.

That was not to say that students, who failed to meet the specific entry requirements, were stupid. While some did not have the mental capabilities to embrace higher level thinking skills, many had just goofed off during their public school years and failed to build a comprehensive skill base necessary for success at a college level.

As an educator, I am a faithful follower of the philosophy of “Multiple Intelligences.” I have had students who could not solve an algebraic problem or memorize their multiplication tables but were artistic geniuses. One former student could not add double digit figures, but he could take apart an engine and reassemble it perfectly and without hesitation. On the same token, I have had intellectual giants who could not recognize a screwdriver from a chain saw.

I can say from experience and just from good ole fashioned common sense that college educations are not for everyone. And wouldn’t you think that of all people, the progressives would find that diversity is needed in the educational process? After all, it was the Democrat Left that coined the term ‘diversity’ as one of it’s hallmark politically correct terms from which to indoctrinate the masses.

But when it comes to education, the liberals are all about sameness. There is no room in the Democrat conversation for choice in education. They are against home schooling. They are against charter schools. They are against school vouchers which give parents school choice.

Not so strangely, the Liberals are not against all students having a college education. When it comes to education, Progressives demand “sameness.” They need and command uniformity, because they are creating soldiers for their movement. The students receive their boot camp in public education and are then sent off to college to complete the indoctrination process and receive their papers and their orders.

So, it was predictable that public schools would begin eradicating school programs which prepared students for every day life. Home economics, drafting, shop, and various other classes which offered students an alternative to a college education pathway were abolished. All students were put on a path to college.

Twenty years ago I sat in a conference with educators, specialists, administrators, and the parents of a mentally impaired student who had an IQ below 70. One of the specialists asked the parents of this young man if they had decided as to which college he would be attending. I was appalled. The parents were deliberately given the hope that their child would one day rise above his mental deficiencies and attend college. Not only was this absurd in itself, but it was cruel to the parents who had put so much faith in a system which was supposed to be giving their son an ‘appropriate’ education. The parents left the meeting reenergized and with high hopes for a miracle.

Most Americans are unaware that there are now colleges which cater to mentally challenged individuals. Adults with severe learning deficiencies and are physically identifiable as being emotionally and intellectually incapable of critical thought are now receiving college degrees.

Universities were forced to water down their curriculums to accept the students who could not pass the criteria. And this is one of the reasons that there is so much incompetence in our society today. Graduates are in positions of which they are incapable of performing effectually. They received their degrees with less than adequate knowledge.

In the mid 1990s while working on my masters degree, I had an American History class which required a term paper. The professor asked me if I could help a young man who was having difficulty writing his paper. The fellow was in his mid thirties and a nice gentleman. But he had a severe problem. He could not write a complex sentence nor construct a paragraph. He had climbed through the university system and was doing graduate work, yet he could not write a paragraph. He was a teacher in a high school. And he was of minority status.

For Progressives, life is an oxymoron. The crowd which screams for diversity, really wants a standard of likeness. They despise individuality, unless of course, that it is in regards to sexuality. And then they embrace ‘kinky.’ In fact, for Progressives, the kinkier, the better.”

If Progressives were truly interested in diversity, they would invest in an educational system which celebrated the diverse talents and skills of all children. But instead, they created an atmosphere of superiority for those students attending college and demanded nothing less than the phony rhetoric that all students should go to college.

In essence, Progressives shame those children who are not college bound, and they devise methods which will assure that they can reach as many minds as possible through their colleges of indoctrination.

American universities and colleges are ‘not’ vehicles of higher learning. They are the training camps for progressive soldiers. They are ground zero for mind control.

President Trump can rollback many of the progressive policies, but if sane people do not retake control of the universities, we will never defeat the Left…………………….to be continued

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