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Contrary to what parents would like to think, the college education their child received during the past fifteen years is not comparable to the same degree of excellence that graduates received twenty-five years ago. It’s a painful reality, but it is nonetheless true.

Aside from the obvious watered down curriculums, consider this; Students now graduate from college without ever attending a class. Students do their coursework online. Students have take home tests and open book tests on a routine basis. It is no secret that college students pay to have their papers written and much of their course work completed. I have been approached multiple times by college students, who are now teachers, and asked to accept pay for doing their college work.

Of course, there are some professors and some colleges which apply standards to their students. But they are not the established norm. From my experiences and from what is obvious in witnessing the breakdown of society in terms of incompetence in all social venues, the problems stem from poor management and a lack of ethics in the culture.

But it is no accident that the students have been dumbed down. Mind control is contingent on an impairment of the autonomic abilities for individuals to think independently. Critical thinking interferes with the process of brainwashing. So it is no coincidence that our children have been deprived of an education that will stimulate critical thought.

And I am not saying that there are no children or college students with abilities to think critically and ward off the indoctrination. There definitely are students who understand what is taking place. Unfortunately, they are in the minority.

One of the confusing realities about understanding liberal thinkers is that many conservatives say, “Well, I know Liberals who are smart. They are doctors, engineers and professionals from all walks of life, so if progressivism is that absurd, why would these learned people and scholars embrace it?” This is a common argument.

Yes, many Liberals are educated and have no problem with book learning or absorbing information. But there are many stages of cognitive development and Liberals lack reasoning. The difference in students who fend off propaganda and those who can’t are a matter of strong-minded thinkers versus weak-minded robots. The Liberals can regurgitate what they have been spoonfed, but they don’t question the propaganda.

Mind control is a process of disrupting the traditional beliefs and affiliations of the subject. Hundreds of thousand of college students leave home after a traditional, moral, and religious upbringing and return as atheist and amoral participants in a progressive society. Their value system is often turned upside down and in complete contradiction to the standards and principles which guided their behavior for eighteen years of their lives.

In only months or a couple of years, the progressive establishment of the universities can successfully reeducate the students to abandon principles that they had followed their entire lives. Some kids will return to their original value system after leaving college, but many do not.

Graduates go into society and promote progressivism in their professional and personal lives. Many stay on at the colleges as instructors and the indoctrinating process is perpetual.

Many of the college professors today are hippies from the sixties. They are the radicals who held only contempt for America and the western lifestyle. Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers has spent his adult lifetime as an education theorist at the University of Illinois. He is a self-described communist revolutionary and a radical activist. Ayers admits to being a leader in the counterculture movement.

It goes without saying that there are some good and solid college professors who have only the best interest of their students in mind. Unfortunately, these professors are in the minority and carry little weight in the overall influence of the college life.

If America is to make a comeback, if America is to become great again, if America is to throw off the globalist forces which are suffocating the entire western world, and if America is going to be a land of opportunity for our children, then we must make radical changes in upper academia. We must identify the instructors who are progressive agents and participating in the reeducation of our children. And we must stop them.

The big questions is; How do we stabilize a rebellious and disorderly network of universities?……….to be continued

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