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The election of President Trump was a victory for Conservatives in that it stopped the runaway progressive freight train. Trump’s presidency, assuming that he is able to govern, will set progressivism back for at least a few election cycles. Conservatives are making a critical mistake to believe that Trump is the panacea for the deadly ideology which is gripping the country.

Trump is merely the chemotherapy for a cancer which has metastasized into every major organ of the national body. He is postponing what will be inevitable if we don’t overhaul the entire educational system including upper academia.

The universities and colleges in America are the breeding grounds for Marxist ideology. Progressivism is an offshoot of Marxism, and it is in the universities where radical professors and left-wing ideologues have found the perfect climate and soil to cultivate and nourish young seedlings so as to harvest full grown progressives.

President Trump could hypothetically accomplish everything on his ‘to do list,” but if the universities and colleges are not cleansed of the rot gut propaganda which has become the steady diet of spoonfed college students, nothing changes except for the speed of America’s decline.

Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist, declared the mainstream media to be the ‘oppositional party,’ which it is. It stands in opposition to traditional America and against anyone or any policies which do not promote the progressive agenda. Like the Democrats, the media obstructs conservatism.

But it’s important to note that the media giants are the graduates of Ivy League universities, and they became the acolytes of the radical revolutionaries who were their mentors in those universities. Likewise, left-wing teachers in our public schools are the ideological progeny of these counterculture professors.

The CEOs of corporate America boast Ivy League schools as their alma mater. The Fortune 500 CEOs attended business schools at Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Indiana University, Northwestern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College, and Rutgers University.

These big business executives bring with them the same progressive approach to commerce that their political science counterparts take to Washington D.C. and to state and local government. Progressivism thrives and flourishes in our university settings, and it influences every aspect of our culture. There is no escaping it.

If conservatives are indeed fed up with the radical university societies, they must quickly act to begin an eradication of the radical counterculture which has schools of higher learning in a headlock. We must purge upper academia of the extreme professors which foster the anti-American philosophy known as progressivism. And we must bring balance to an otherwise completely partisan environment.

Considering that Democrats are so fond of Affirmative Action as a method of bringing fairness to a disadvantaged group within a culture, I suggest that we use a system on the basis of Affirmative Action which is designed to bolster the Freedom of Speech on college campuses. Universities should be required to hire conservative professors until the ratio of Liberal professors to conservatives is proportional.

This should please the Liberals as they are all about equality. I’m sure that Liberal professors won’t mind stepping down to allow room for conservative instructors who are in the minority. After all, they believe American citizens should step aside so that illegal immigrants and migrants can have their jobs.

Universities which refuse to follow the rules of the Affirmative Action on ideology will necessarily pay a stiff penalty as in not receiving federal funds. Each university will be assigned a quota and given a two year period to make the mandatory changes.

Conservatives should discontinue donations to their alma maters until the colleges and universities comply with the fair and balanced faculty transition.

Democrats pride themselves on their embrace of diversity. Conservatives need to borrow the Democrats’ soapbox and demand Affirmative Action for all federally funded schools.

Until Conservatives force changes in the universities, progressivism will remain strong, at least within the college educated youth. We will never defeat the Liberals until we steamroll their breeding grounds.

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