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The lies, the deception, the coverups, the hush money, the games, the death threats, and the down right insanity which fuels the engine of the Democrats is pushing this country closer and closer to a showdown between the Left and the Right. It’s unavoidable. We will all be losers, but the Left will lose in a fashion in which their poor little fragile, inept minds cannot even conceptualize.

The latest attack on President Trump regards his comment in an interview with Bill O’Reilly in which he is reminded by O’Reilly that Putin is a killer. Trump responded with the suggestion that we keep in mind that America is not innocent. Trump did not compare American covert intelligence operations to Russian assassinations. He simply made a point in that there are Americans who are not innocent.

It is no secret that America has plotted assassination attempts on foreign despots, including Fidel Castro. And let’s not forget that Barack Obama made it legal for the American government to kill American citizens with drone strikes. This caused outrage among Republicans for about, let’s see now………, about ten seconds.

But let’s be honest since the media finds it outside of their job description to provide the facts and only the facts to the American people. Yes, Putin is a bad hombre. Just as Stalin was a mass murderer. But obviously the hero of the Progressives, Franklin D. Roosevelt, found it within the best interests of the United States to partner with Stalin and his Russia during WWII in order to defeat Hitler. But that was okay, because Roosevelt was a Democrat.

I remember well when former officer of the Russian KGB/FSB secret service Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by radioactive polonium 210. Litvinenko had defected to the United Kingdom, and in 2006 the young forty-four year old man died three weeks after entering the hospital. He was the first known victim of the Polonium 210 poisoning. After Alexander’s wife, Marina Litvinenko, campaigned for an inquest into his death, it was finally ruled in January of 2016 that his murder was a FSB operation. Vladimir Putin was suspected of ordering the hit.

I followed the story of Litvinenko for several years, so I am well aware of the brutality of Putin. We cannot excuse his actions nor his acts of inhumanity. But as President Trump suggested, our leaders are not innocent.

Considering the list of individuals who had connections with Bill and Hillary Clinton and met untimely deaths under unusual circumstances, the media must be suffering from memory lapse to even speculate as to how Trump could have suggested that America isn’t innocent.

The mysterious death of Hillary’s longtime confidante Vince Foster and the cover up which followed his demise could indeed be described as Putinesque. The circumstances surrounding Foster’s so-called suicide were hidden from the public.

And then there was Bill Clinton’s Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. He died on April 3, 1996 when his Air Force plane crashed into a Croatian mountainside. Evidence shows that Brown was preparing to expose Clinton’s Asian fund raising scheme. Brown himself was a part of the scheme. However, he was trying to protect his son, Michael, from prison.

According to investigative reporter Jack Cashill, Brown began attending church for the first time in his life as he feared an assassination attempt. Cashill reports that the Air Force plane had veered two miles off course when it hit the mountainside. AWACS data suggested navigation system sabotage, but the White House in an unprecedented move, refused an investigation of the crash as anything but accidental. Two days before he was to be interviewed, the Croatian who was responsible for the airport’s navigation system was found with a bullet hole in his chest.

Every pathologist who viewed Brown’s body agreed that his head wound was consistent with a bullet wound. The Brown family was not informed of the White House’s decision to forgo the autopsy. Head x-rays which showed the bullet wound were considered officially lost. Jack Cashill reports that there is no question that Ron Brown was assassinated.

Bless their little hearts, those Clintons just can’t stay away from controversy. Aside from being a serial sex offender, Bill Clinton was also president during the Waco Massacre. The Branch Davidians, a religious sect led by David Koresh and located at Mount Carmel Center ranch, were suspected of weapons violations. Clinton’s Justice Department, under Attorney General Janet Reno, staged a siege against the Davidians.

There is much dispute about the events of the siege, but we do know that a fire engulfed the center, children were gassed and seventy-six people died. The entire operation was a botched assault, and innocent Americans were killed.

But the most recent example of Putinesque performance by America’s not-so-glorious leaders would be the Massacre of four Americans in Benghazi. A coverup by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Perhaps, President Trump had Benghazi in mind when he admitted to Bill O’Reilly that America isn’t completely innocent.

In July of 2012 “Rolling Stones” reporter, Michael Hastings, wrote a ten thousand word expose on the American traitor, Bowe Bergdahl. Hastings revealed Bergdahl’s anti-Americanism. He published the emails that Bergdahl had sent to his father saying, “I am ashamed to be an American. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

An FBI report dated June 11, 2012 shows that Michael Hastings and his cowriter Matt Farwell were under an intense FBI investigation. Hours before his death Hastings had sent out a frantic email saying that he was under FBI investigation, and included in the email was reference to a big story that he was working on. After his death, Hasting’s widow revealed that the big story her late husband was working on was about CIA head John Brennan.

Michael Hastings feared for his life and was killed suspiciously in a Baghdad car bombing.

Trump detractors have been indignant as they have ridiculed his implication about America’s bad actors. Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer agreed that Putin kills journalists which is something an American leader would never do.

Tell that to Michael Hastings’ widow. But more notably, say that with a straight face to the family of Andrew Breitbart………….to be continued

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