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You didn’t really think we were rid of Barack Obama when he was forced to leave the White House, because Donald Trump won the presidency, did you? I mean, like we all knew him better than that, didn’t we? The guy’s not only a narcissist. He’s a perpetual nuisance with a teleprompter and a big booming voice with a militant wife who is not about to let him spend his glory days on the golf course.

Truthfully, I don’t think Obama gives a damn about America, not even enough to hang around Washington D.C. to protect his legacy. He’s lazy, and even though his Marxist roots call him to keep fighting the progressive fight, he’s only going to do what is comfortable for him. He’s not going to sacrifice a life of luxury and jet setting around the world playing ex-president to really fight for the cause.

But with that said, he will stick around to join the obstructionist fight in the Democrat Party. Washington insider and author, Ed Klein, is the go-to guy in Washington D.C. for the internal scoop on the big name politicians. He is well respected for his contacts and exclusive information. And Ed has just released the next phase of Barack Obama’s life.

Obama is taking on the role of the progressive leader in the charge against President Trump. His job will be to rally the Liberals into action. He will be the Democrat Party leader. And he will fight Trump’s executive actions while fueling the Democrat base to retake Congress.

To be sure, Barack Obama is not a hustler. He is that lackadaisical leader who has an agenda but never puts his cause above himself. He will press forward with his objective as long as it does not interfere with his personal comfort or pleasure. As dedicated as Obama is to Marxism and Saul Alinsky, his primary purpose is to satisfy his own desires.

According to Ed Klein, Obama is being spurred by his wife, Michelle, and his best pal, Valerie Jarrett. He has also been given a bottomless war chest from George Soros and other uber-wealthy liberal shadow dwellers.

The Democrat Party is trying to unite, but they are leaderless. They have Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chuckie Schumer, and the empty-headed Maxine Waters. At this point their team could not spell the word ‘Congress’ much less control it. They are in dire straits when it comes to brains and leadership.

It wasn’t enough for Barack Obama to destroy eight years of our lives making policy which will forever change America. Now, he wants to be the guy who stops his successor from cleaning up the fecal matter that he not only left in Washington D.C. but across the entire country.

We can expect Obama to incite riots and continue his role as ‘god’ of the Democrat Party. He will give the fight his attention, and he will be the unifier. But he will not do so with all of his heart. He will give it a half-hearted effort. The other half will be on the golf course and in Hollywood, Hawaii, Paris, Lake Como, Anguilla, and Aspen.

Barack Obama will lead the progressive charge as long as it is lucrative and convenient for him. He is first and foremost a scam artist and a media whore. He sacrifices for one thing only, and that is Barack Obama. He will spend his nights with his celebrity buddies…BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey and all of the other self aggrandizing beautiful people.

Should conservatives be worried that Obama is back in the saddle? I don’t think so. In fact, it could be the boost that conservatives need to double down on their efforts to support President Trump’s agenda.

There is no doubt that Democrats will spew a sigh of relief when Obama comes back onto the scene. But his presence will just be an accelerant for the hysteria that already grips these depraved beings. They will become more uncontrollable.

It is time that the Democrats change their name to the “Neurotic Party.”


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