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God Bless America, land that I love………..I thank God often for allowing me to have lived my life in the United States of America. Without question, it is the world’s most exceptional nation. But as it is with anything that man touches, there are many imperfections. So, to agree with President Trump in saying that America is not innocent is not to disparage America or to insinuate that our republic is not one of the man-made wonders of the world. It is merely to acknowledge that we have had some poor leaders who have behaved criminally.

As I wrote in Part I of this essay, Trump was right in his assumption that America is not innocent. Loving this nation means accepting that it has flaws and understanding that keeping America great is always a work in progress. And it is a hard lesson learned with consequences to be suffered for taking our liberties and leaders for granted.

I also wrote earlier that there is a lot of question surrounding the deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Michael Hastings, and the Benghazi and Waco victims. The deaths of these people were not just mysterious, but were also whitewashed and sanitized. Scandal and controversy surrounded each fatality.

Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer were in agreement that Vladimir Putin assassinated journalists, but American leaders would never be so nefarious. Surely these two talking heads cannot be serious!

While the mysterious deaths of the aforementioned are high-profile cases, I find the most notable and obvious assassination to be that of prominent conservative journalist and activist Andrew Breitbart. The events encircling Andrew’s death are not only suspicious but more than coincidental.

I am very prudent about the hats I wear. I stay clear of the tin foil hats as conspiracy theory is not my cup of tea, but it goes without saying that there are conspiracies, and if you suspect a conspiracy, then you are theorizing. As the old saying goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” And I say, “If it’s the truth, then it’s the truth, conspiracy or not.”

On March 1, 2012, Andrew Breitbart died mysteriously outside of his home, alone and in the dark in the early hours of the morning. Just several days before, Andrew had declared, “Just wait until they see what happens on March 1st.” Breitbart had promised that he had footage that when released would end the chances of Barack Obama’s re-election.

Breitbart died on March 1st, but his autopsy report was not released until April 20th, fifty-one days after his death. On the same day that his autopsy report was released, Breitbart’s coroner, 61 year old Michael Cormier, died suddenly and suspiciously. Cormier was healthy but was suddenly stricken by a fatal condition. And on the very day of the release of Andrew’s autopsy report. Likewise, Andrew died on the very day that he had announced would be the unveiling of political earth-shattering information to Barack Obama. What were the odds?

While researching Breitbart’s death, I discovered a video clip of Andrew and one of his tweet’s that I had never seen. The tweet reads, “How the prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.” This tweet has recently emerged. And it is very timely for the allegations that Podesta is involved in the pedophilia sex world. It should give new energy to the Washington D.C. Pedophilia ring conspiracy theory. Obviously, Andrew Breitbart, who was as solid a journalist as they come, had evidence which could incriminate Podesta.

The video is a priceless clip of Breitbart saying to a reporter, “Fu*k John Podesta! What’s in your closet John Podesta? Big Podesta! Big Soros! Do you want us to play these games. Because we are playing to win!”

Andrew Breitbart was a conservative powerhouse. He had the courage that most Americans cannot even fathom. He challenged the Left and he stood both fiercely and fearlessly. Yes, he met his maker at the young age of forty-four, but I have no doubt he met Him with no regrets and the heart of a lion. When Breitbart lived, he was true to himself and true to his country.

Andrew was a serious threat to the Progressives, John Podesta, the globalists, George Soros, Barack Obama, and many more of these liberal spawns of Satan. Considering the cards he held and the power that he threatened, to assume his death was coincidental is nonsense.

The Progressives pointing their fingers at Vladimir Putin is tantamount to the pot calling the kettle black.

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