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“Give me your criminals, your terrorists, your predators of women, who are yearning to receive American welfare benefits.” Yep, those words are soon to be the new inscription on a plaque inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, that is if the Liberals have their way.
Gone are the days when the original text of the Statue of Liberty Poem had any meaning.

“Give me your poor, your hungry, your huddled masses, yearning to be free” was at one time the heartbeat of America. These words held significance as a lifeline to oppressed people throughout the world. But not anymore, because the appeal of America is no longer the time-honored overture of opportunity for the huddled masses who desire work and liberty. Granted some immigrants want a fighting chance for self-improvement. They want to earn their keep in the land of milk and honey.

But far too many migrants, refugees, illegal immigrants, and legal immigrants have seen the promise of a life free of toil and labor. The American Left has encouraged the indigents of the world to migrate to America and build a house on loose sand. In fact, they send a deceptive message to these woeful throngs.

They invite them into our national home to rearrange our furniture and use our credit cards. They ensure these misplaced people that their needs will be met unconditionally. The Open Borders community does not require newcomers to have any allegiance to the American people in terms of respecting our culture. To the contrary, the new immigrants are heartened by the assurance that they may abstain from assimilation. They are emboldened by the prospect that Americans will be forced to accommodate them.

What a sweet deal. An immigrant enters the United States of America, most of them illegally, and once they step onto the soil of this great nation, they are guaranteed the same rights as American citizens. They are provided free healthcare, while lifelong Americans are forced to pay for their own medical needs. They are given food cards, government funded shelter, and money for their basic needs.

To put it bluntly, immigrants to America have their asses wiped when they get here. Immigrants are treated more respectfully and given more consideration than American citizens with regard to education and job opportunity. And if you doubt that, you may have forgotten Starbuck’s goal to hire 10,000 Muslim migrants rather than American vets. Only after blowback from the outraged Americans did Starbucks decide to hire veterans.

And this brings me to Bill Kristol, the establishment Republican who has become so hysterical about Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidential victory that he has almost lost his RINO marbles. On second thought, maybe he did lose those marbles as he has become as deranged as those screwball Democrats.

Kristol’s latest comments may have just opened a window into his progressive, one-world soul as it is becoming more than clear why he freaked out about Donald Trump. In two words………the wall. Kristol is an open border guy, and Trump is the wrench in Bill’s gears. Bill Kristol is all about immigration of all kinds.

And we know this, because yesterday, Billy Boy inadvertently made it known that many white Americans are losers. Ya think so, Bill? Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute, Kristol suggested that “new Americans” are needed to replace lazy white people. My question is, “Hey Bill, how exactly did you have in mind to replace them?”

Addressing a presentation entitled, “It Came Apart; What’s Next For a Fractured Culture?” Kristol said that immigration is net positive for American civil society. How so? Positive, you say, Bill? Call me stupid, but I would like to know how millions of migrants who want women to suffer through female genital mutilation can be positive for a country which promotes equal rights for women. Would it not be a hate crime for a man to force his daughter to have her genitals mutilated?

How is it positive for Americans to welcome men from a culture which requires women to submit to men? After watching the not-so positive effect that migrants and refugees have had in Europe, a wise man might hesitate to invite the migrants and refugees into their country. Terrorism, the loss of Judeo-Christian values to Islamic fascism, and the alarming increase in sex crimes, just might be reasons for putting a tight lid on immigration from the Middle East.

But let’s get back to the lazy white people. I would think that the editor of “The Weekly Standard,” namely Bill Kristol, would have a little more insight into the American culture. Bill didn’t mention lazy black or brown people, only lazy white people. He specifically said that “white people” have become complacent and lazy. That’s not nice, Bill.

Kristol suggests that it is time for a new wave of immigrants to motivate the economy. There ya go again, Bill, looking all stupid. The Center for Immigration Studies cites that 51% of immigrant households are using at least one form of American welfare. Bill, that’s more than half. Only 30% of native households rely on a welfare program.

Forty percent of immigrants use food programs as compared to 22% of natives. That’s almost double, Bill.

Oh gee, there goes Bill’s theory that new immigrants bring jobs and a better economy. He specifically stated that America needs a new wave of immigrants like we had in the first part of the twentieth century. In light of the wee little fact that there were no welfare programs in the early 1900s,Kristol may be comparing apples to oranges.

It would be accurate and logical to state that early twentieth century immigrants came to America to work as there were no freebies offered to entice them. Likewise, I would feel justified in assuming that America’s welfare system is quite tantalizing to indigent people of the world.

Bill Kristol’s assertion that immigrants, by nature of being immigrants, are law-abiding, liberty-loving, tax-paying, honorable, hard-working people is not only a generalization but can be disproven by the facts.

Now we know why Kristol is such a Trump hater. He’s a globalist who wants immigrants to replace those fat, lazy white people who don’t want to work. Trump stands in the way of the globalist agenda.

Kristol later asked that his comments at this very public event, not be recorded or shared. Unfortunately for Kristol, the cat was already out of the bag.

And the cat said, “Bill Kristol wants immigrants to replace lazy white people.” Thanks for the heads up, Bill. We certainly won’t forget.


  1. Bill Kristol is right about ‘lazy white people’. They are all in Congress, no offense to Maxine Waters. If we replace those ‘lazy white people’ and lazy ‘people of color’ in the Congress this country could become great again, or at least move in that direction.

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