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Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to be registered in the universal archives in the vault titled, “Who’s Who of Global Idiots.” This woman cannot possibly be operating with complete and intact cognitive proficiency. She has created an absolute mess in her country, not only as a globalist but as a practicing moron.

In 2015 Merkel opened the floodgates of Germany to Muslim migrants, and she specifically decried the number of migrants entering the country as infinite. This dingbat is so unworthy of leadership that she put no cap on the number of migrants who would be pouring across the nation’s borders and setting up camp, at the expense of the German taxpayers.

Merkel’s vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, has admitted that Angela underestimated the difficulty of accommodating and integrating migrants on such a large scale. According to Gabriel, her poor decision to burden her countrymen with such a demanding and dangerous task of trying to assimilate third world uncivilized people has resulted in a culture war. Well no freakin’ duh!

It truly boggles my mind that there are so many incompetent nitwits leading the nations of the world. What in heaven’s name did Merkel think would happen when she unleashed a third world hell upon the people she swore to protect? Is she so darn dumb that she imagined that the migrants would joyfully join with the German people to create a better Germany? Did she really think that the Muslims would abandon their culture of male supremacy and death to infidels?

Apparently she is that dumb. The alternative is that she is intentionally creating an environment of national suicide.

After the terrorist attack at the Christmas market in Berlin, Merkel, who is up for re-election, began to sink in the polls. I assume the German people have had their fill of Lady Merkel and her fanciful globalism. So, Merkel had no alternative but to begin backing away from the mess she created.

She asked the migrants to voluntarily leave Germany. When that didn’t work, she added, “Pretty please with sugar on it.” Oops! That didn’t work either.

So, Merkel has made an unprecedented move. Merkel has started a fund with millions of German tax dollars for the purpose of paying the migrants to leave Germany.

After falling behind her political opponent in the polls, Merkel said, “We rely heavily on voluntary departures.” Oh, I just bet you do, Angela dear. And now you can sweeten that little request with a going away present, millions of tax dollars from hard-working Germans.

Perhaps, the German people will learn from the “Trump Effect” and throw off the fascist globalist, Merkel. She’s just another arrogant progressive who wants to make her way on the backs of hard-working taxpayers. And if they vote her back in, they deserve everything they get.

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