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I am an advocate of equal rights for women. I am NOT, I repeat, I am NOT a feminist. In fact, I put as much distance between myself and you godforsaken females as I possibly can. Never would I want to be associated with such a vile and repugnant group of women.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of you have fallen prey to the message of sacrilege that the progressives bring to the table of gender equality, thanks to the Democrat Party. Not only have they opened your minds to the blasphemous substance of the feminists’ message, but they and you have mocked the very essence of womanhood.

Generations of women have fought the system of male dominance throughout the past century. We have fought for equal pay, equality in job opportunities, the right to vote, and equal justice in the court of law. But most of all, we have fought for integrity. We have demanded that our genitalia should in no way bring relevance to our personhood. We have wanted to be taken seriously and commensurate to our male counterparts in respect to our intellect and our social standing.

But you godforsaken feminists changed the narrative. Feminists were and still are a group of Marxist, ideological driven women who have pandered to weak-minded females. And you have been successful in your movement, because you have managed to steal the virtuous and maternal spirit from women, beginning your theft with pre-pubescent girls.

Feminists have been oh so clever. You appealed to the selfish side of women. You convinced women to back away from traditional roles of charity, care-giving, and righteousness. And then you tantalized these Jezebels-in-the-making with thoughts of grandeur and self fulfillment. I have to admit; by following the tactics that Saul Alinsky so shrewdly laid out for his followers, feminists were genius in their destruction of the virtuous woman. You reached tens of millions of women with your ungodly agenda.

It was the feminists who exploited the noble objective of leveling the playing field for women by making a farce of what should have been a dignified mission. Rather than to pursue equality with respectability, feminists embraced profanity and obscenity as they chased sexual liberty and the right to kill their offspring.

Feminists made abortion the hallmark of the women’s movement. The killing of one’s offspring by its mother has been recognized as one of the most heinous acts imaginable since the beginning of mankind. Mothers who have deliberately killed their children have been regarded as the most cold-hearted and wicked of the human species.

And now, thanks to you feminists, abortion is commonplace. Feminists revere men like the abortionist Kermit Gosnell who killed the babies after they were born alive. Gosnell joked about killing the babies and boasted of his jars with pickled baby parts. But feminists have no problem with men like Gosnell.

Feminists fight for abortion clinics, such as Planned Parenthood, to have the right to unfettered abortions including partial birth abortion which involves the dismemberment of the babies in utero after the babies’ brains have been sucked from their heads. Feminists stand with the clinics who sell the baby parts of aborted babies.

When the feminists marched in the January 21, 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C., they wore pink pus*y hats as they demanded to be heard. Normal women have fought for generations to be treated as substantive individuals worthy of the same respect that men have been given. And you feminists have tarnished all of us with your ignorance and selfishness.

Can anyone really imagine a man wearing a “penis hat” to protest his rights? A group of men walking through Washington D.C demanding to be taken seriously while wearing penis hats and chanting “I am Nasty” would have been mocked and ridiculed unmercifully. Yet, feminists forsake all honor and sacrifice their character for what can only be described as ungodliness.

Muslim migrants are presently entering the United States and bringing with them a culture which disparages women. They bring a social stratus of male superiority and dominance. They also bring the tradition of female genital mutilation, a procedure which destroys the clitoris of women and renders them forever devoid of sexual gratification. And yet, feminists welcome these foreigners who bring pain and violence into the lives of women.

Feminists have stooped to such contemptible lows that they have dishonored normal women who believe in the sanctity of life, the joys of motherhood, and the virtues of sexual restraint. You are the modern day Eves of Eden, and you have paved the way for our vulgar and salacious culture.


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