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The Gallup Poll has just released the results of its latest poll on President Trump’s approval, and it reads, “Trump Approval Rating Hits All Time Low.” Um, it’s been like three weeks and two days since Trump took his oath of office, and Gallup is preparing for his political demise. Ho hum, and what else is new.

The poll represents the average of three days of telephone calls to 1500 people. And surprise, surprise, surprise, the poll was taken in the midst of the controversial Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Trump’s travel ban. What would be the likelihood that the numbers would have skyrocketed to an all time approval high?

“Supposedly” fifty-three percent of the participants disapproved of the job Trump is doing. And if the truth were known, I would find it likely that the voters polled were from Maxine Waters’, John Lewis’, and Nancy Pelosi’s voting precincts.

President Trump’s few weeks in office have been a time of obstruction and resistance to completely sane and popular policies initiated by his administration. Yet, there has been a deliberate gumming up of the cogs of governance in an effort to shut down the Trump administration.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, the national polls predicted a Hillary Clinton win. Was it coincidence that they were so wrong, or were the polls deliberately designed to present a false political environment to voters?

The polls have become nothing more than another tool of the Left to persuade voters to ‘jump on the bandwagon of the presumed winner.’ They are used to discourage conservatives from even bothering to vote while empowering liberals to help bring home the gold.

The Gallup Poll is just more fake news. Ignore it, and double down on your resolve to stand against the monstrous liberal machine which has just been turned on.

The Left is just getting started. Conservatives need to take them very seriously. Trump won the election, but he cannot make America great again. Making America great again is our job.

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