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In Greek mythology there once lived a female fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a serpent’s tail. Her name was Chimera. Ancient Greeks were notably fond of the creatures of hybrid genetics. But for the Greeks, it was only fanciful story-telling.

Unfortunately for modern man, it is becoming a reality. We are only moments away from the unveiling of the first human pig. The creature, known as a ‘chimera’, will be the first human-animal. And the scientists, who have dared to breach the code of ethics to cross-reproduce this organism, declare themselves to only be interested in saving the human race. I doubt that.

No one can deny that the realm of science and renowned scientists have blessed our civilization with the wonders of their laborious breakthroughs and inventions. God Bless these men and women.

But as the nature of our imperfect world is so oft to remind us, there are those among us, including scientists, whose purpose is not to pursue only the most virtuous of challenges, but to satisfy their own curiosity and to push natural law beyond the moral code. These scientists walk the line of propriety, and often they wear their ‘mad scientist’ caps. Or maybe I should say their “Dr. Frankenstein Hats.”

This should be expected as commonplace in a society that has abandoned its Judeo-Christian principles. Of course, we have men and women who blur the lines of moral conduct and conventional decency. And why would we expect anything less from a culture which is willing to sacrifice its humanity for convenience and riches?

So, it should not come as a shock to anyone to learn that the National Institute of Health has lifted its ban on research which introduces stem cells from humans into animal embryos. The NIH made this earth-shattering decision in August of 2016. The goal is to grow human organs in animals. But to accomplish such an amazing feat, scientists must first create an organism that is half pig and half human.

How wonderful this technology would be for transplant science and patients. We can all agree that such a feat to save lives would indeed be a wonderment. But do we want this technology at the cost of such a grotesque procedure? Do we close the door on one medical problem only to open a new door which is the substance of which nightmares come?

Once man procreates a human pig for medical advancements, the technology will be out there in cyberspace. It will be available for the many deranged minds which are prone to the preternatural, the freakish, and the ungodly. We will have human horses, human chickens, human cows, human ducks, etc.

These creatures will be half human and half animal. They will be entitled to legal representation and civil rights. And this anomaly will be irreversible. We will have changed the human race.

Visualizing one of these human creatures is enough to repulse normal people, but actually encountering such a beast would be psychologically traumatic for thoughtful individuals. It would be tantamount to discovering the labyrinth to the underworld. Would not these half human creatures be the guardians of hell itself?

If man can create a human pig, he can engineer a human-pig-duck or a human-cow-rooster or a human-donkey-sheep. The possibilities are endless once the line of ethics and iniquity is crossed.

Genetically modifying the human race is not just a Pandora’s box. It is the complete and total surrender of humanity to an unknown world of immortality; a world of human machines and human animals.

The progressive movement promises to use science and technology to improve the human condition. But these diabolical Progressives are using science and technology to destroy the human condition. They want a post-human society in which technology and science replace the one true God.

The world is on the precipice of a horror show which will be a real living nightmare. It isn’t one hundred years away. It is just twenty years away, according to the top technology experts.

Technology must be harnessed by virtuous, self-disciplined, and ethical men who understand the nature of the beast. Sadly, man is too flawed to monitor and chaperone his own progression in this journey we call life. There are few men in positions of authority who will stop the insanity of the coming crisis facing humanity.

My advice to Old MacDonald, “It’s time to sell your farm.”

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