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With less than a month into the Trump administration it has become clear that the powers-that-be are not going to allow a Trump presidency. They are going for President Trump’s jugular before he has the chance to reverse Barack Obama’s policies. And from the looks of the political landscape, the takedown of Trump is not going to be a messy affair. It will be swift.

The Democrats have already acknowledged that they will be obstructionists. They are preventing any movement forward whenever they find it within their power to stop Trump’s agenda. And now with the assistance of the mainstream media, they are systematically setting the stage for Trump’s impeachment or forced resignation.

The complicated mess surrounding General Flynn is a complex issue which was designed to confuse We the People. The fake news surrounding real events makes it impossible for Average Joe American to decipher the madness which is being referred to by the media as worse than Pearl Harbor and Watergate.

The media is pumping up the liberal screwballs with lies and innuendos which are intended to inflame the already powerful anti-Trump movement. And they are piling on the Trump administration with the fervor of a buzzard, despite the fact that there is no dead meat.

Thanks to their bedfellows in the media, our elected leaders have managed to conceal their nefarious agenda for decades. Until the Obama administration, most Americans had never heard the term progressive in reference to a political ideology. Progressives have been on the scene for over a hundred years and yet the word was bandied about under the radar. When Obama’s Marxist policies were revealed, the Progressives became confidant and exposed themselves.

And now that President Trump is under attack, we are learning of a new unofficial but coordinated group in Washington D.C. known as the “Deep State.” It is comprised of bureaucrats from both parties who have no intentions of losing their power in Washington. They like the status quo, and they will not allow Donald Trump to complete his presidency. And they have plans to take him out soon.

The “Deep State” is the collective name for the inhabitants of the Washington Swamp. They are the pond scum and the bottom feeders who exist only on decay and the rotted flesh of those poor conservative souls who dare to resist the tyranny. While we can identify many in the “Deep State” by their actions alone, their is a concerted effort by the media to veil these agents of evil. We have known them only by the broad term of “establishment.”

Many Conservatives have a false impression of President Trump’s power. He is only the most powerful man in the world as long as the Washington powers allow him to be. The Establishment was taken off guard when Trump won the election. On both sides of the political establishment, players assumed that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. They did not have a Plan B in place, just in case Trump won. Had they believed that Trump could possibly win, the Democrat fraud at the ballot box would have been much greater.

The “Deep State” was so panicked by Trump’s win that they did not waste time in creating circumstances to set him up for removal from office. And that is exactly what the plan is, and it will be within months, not years.

We now live in a United States where elections don’t have consequences. The corruption in Washington is far deeper and nefarious than any of us could have imagined. We knew the Democrats would obstruct Trump’s presidency. We knew that the media would continue with their propaganda agenda and fake news to destroy Trump’s possibilities for a second term.

But few of us realized that the attacks and deep tissue assaults would come within days of Trump’s inauguration. Like Trump or not, the man does not deserve this treatment. Yes, many will say he is strong. And he is. But he is not strong enough to take on the magnitude of the power which threatens his presidency and his very life.

President Trump is only the whipping boy for We the People. He is to be the example of what happens when you cross the powerful media and the Washington Establishment.

We the People erroneously believed the changes to our country would be made at the ballot box. And that’s where we went wrong. The Liberals have always understood how the game was played. It is won in the streets. But most of all the game is played and won in the shadows.

Conservatives are about to receive a rude awakening. President Trump’s 2016 victory was in name only. He is not going to be allowed the power of governance to which he was elected.

There is about to be a breaking point in the very near future. And how the Conservatives respond to this crisis will determine the future of the United States. It is time for Conservatives to organize. Our nation and very existence are at stake.


  1. This World is in a mess!!! All I can say is we need to pray for our country and our President and Vice President!!! These bad Liberals need to be arrested!!!

  2. Donald Trump was not elected by people, as some think. His election was nothing short of a miracle sent from God. There was no way humanly possible for him to win. If God arranged for his presidency, then God can make a way for it’s success. God can make a way where there seems to be no way. Now it’s up to we the people to pray, pray, pray, and let God do the rest.

  3. I pray your wrong Judy, but if its so we must march on DC and kill every SOB there. See a camera, kill it, see a politician, kill it ! We will drain the swamp ourselves if they refuse to follow our lawfully elected President TRUMP !

    • David, I know I am not wrong as to the intent of the Establishment. They have every intention of taking Trump down. Whether they do it or not is up to We the People. They are going to try anything and everything. If the conservatives allow Trump to fight this on his own, they are very selfish. They need to get involved in some form whether it is to boycott the fake news sources, buy Ivanka Trump products, call and email their representatives, or work to take out the RINOS who are obstructing Trump. There is plenty that we can do to help President Trump. The media and Left are going to sabotage Trump. He must know that he has our support. We need to bombard the White House with positive and supportive emails. The media needs pushback from the people. Too many conservatives believed that we only needed to win this election. They don’t understand the nature of this beast.

  4. I understand where you are coming from and the basis of your article but I will not share it. It is too disheartening and defeatist for those of us who have faith that there is still hope. If hope is taken away, we have nothing. Too many voters went to the ballot boxes believing in Change & patriotism. Appreciate your articles but this one is too much doom
    & gloom to share. I believe there is a far greater power to rely on …He will prevail.

    • Martha, I appreciate your comment and sentiment. I would never suggest that there is no hope. As long as we have breath there is hope. But recognizing and understanding our political enemies is key to saving the nation. It is imperative for conservatives to understand that the people that stand against Trump and We the People will not stop this onslaught against us. They have already made themselves clear as to stopping Trump. We need to take them at their word and prepare to stand against them. Yes, God will prevail, always. But we don’t know His timetable. And I believe He works trough His people. He expects us to do our part in saving this great nation, and that’s what I am trying to do. Sharing information with like-minded people is essential to our efforts.

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