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After watching President Donald Trump’s press conference three times yesterday, I am not only energized but inspired. Trump was bold, ingenious, and refreshing. For the first time in thirty years the American people witnessed a Republican president who spoke and acted in accordance with his leadership role as President of the United States and the Republican Party rather than dancing to the media music.

When George W. Bush was president, he refused to respond to media corruption. He believed that he was being the better man for ignoring the complete distortion and misrepresentation of his message. The media amassed support for the Democrats, because Bush allowed lies to stand as truth. By doing so, he damaged the Republican brand and brought shame to the Republican base.

Bush was acutely aware of his own personal dignity. As a Washington insider, he understood his role as a progressive Republican. He desired respectability and embraced proper decorum. He followed the establishment rule of ethics which was to “Let the Media Have Their Way.” George W. Bush may be a decent man, but he did not have the fight that a Republican president should have considering the Washington political environment and the media bias.

The mainstream media (MSM) throughout the world is nothing more than an extended arm of the globalists. It is a propaganda-driven machine, which up until the arrival of Donald Trump on the political stage, has been a well-oiled apparatus.

In America, the MSM is the Democrat Party’s most vocal apostle. George Soros’s financial influence pales in comparison to the free left-leaning coverage that the media giants so generously donate to the progressive agenda.

But the media just doesn’t alter the news to persuade public opinion. They bully those in political power with whom they disagree. Media bullies use the power of the pen and the power of the air waves to make and break politicians, celebrities, and anyone in the public eye that they deem to be unworthy or present a threat to the Democrat platform.

Few men, who care about their reputations, dare to confront the media about fairness or fake news reports. It is too risky as it invites an avalanche of negative publicity that is not only career-threatening but an assassination of one’s character with little chance of restoring one’s honor.

At least that’s the way it has been until Donald Trump came onto the political scene. And then things changed. Donald Trump is not afraid of the media. He is not intimidated by the journalist attack dogs who create the news rather than reporting the news. But most importantly, Trump has challenged the hierarchy of the progressive media empire by refusing to play by their rules.

Standing up against the media bullies is unprecedented. It requires unusual self confidence and determination. It doesn’t require super-human strength, although one would think it does since so few men are willing to risk the blowback from these king makers and destructionists.

President Trump’s press conference was one for the ages. Unlike traditional presidential press conferences with Republican presidents, when the media pushed Trump, he pushed back harder. Trump lectured the media on their bias, their hate-inspiring rhetoric towards himself, their hyperbole surrounding General Flynn’s dismissal, and their lack of journalistic ethics.

He mocked them to their faces, knowing that they would leave the briefing room and rewrite the narrative. Trump was forceful and accusatory. But his weapon was the “truth.” His aim was perfect. And he hit his targets squarely in their arrogant and vainglorious asses. It was a beauteous sight.

Trump reminding the pompous White House correspondents that their approval rating was lower than Congress’s was more refreshing than a cherry popsicle on a hot summer’s day. He hit them high, and he hit them low. And all the while they smiled helplessly as it was all too obvious to even them that they had been exposed as the foolish closet Democrat demagogues that they really are.

Yesterday’s press conference was only round one of the many many confrontations that Trump will have with the media. My money is on Trump in all future showdowns. But with that said, we can never underestimate the deceptive brutal nature of the mainstream media. They will be back with gloves on. And I can’t wait.

Looking forward to Round Two of Trump versus the Media.

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  1. Why, O why can’t people wake up? You do a great service to the people who read your blog. There are too few conservative bloggers in this universe.

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