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Yesterday President Donald Trump tweeted, “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @CBS, @ABC, @CNN)is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People! SICK!”

Democrat propagandist and NBC fake news reporter Chuck Todd tweeted back, “I would hope that our leaders would never believe that any American desires to make another American an enemy. Let’s dial it back.”

No, Chuck, let’s not dial it back. Let’s pull back the curtain on the media’s ugly little progressive game to manipulate the minds of the American people with spin, propaganda, outright lies, and political attacks on any politician who has the cojones to stand up to the media machine.

The mainstream media is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the Democrat progressive demagogues. And the establishment media has such little regard for the American people that they think we are too stupid to understand their game and motives. They have assumed that our inability and lack of power to call them on their corrupt reporting, their unethical journalistic tactics, their blatant lies, their slanted news stories, and their attempts to shape the political environment and culture of this nation, was a sign of our stupidity.

But we saw it all. We saw the White House Correspondents Dinners in which the media celebrities schmoozed and boozed with the politicians. But the establishment erroneously thought that we were too stupid to notice or care. What in the hell business does the Fourth Estate, the so-called watchdogs of the republic, have in socializing with the very people they are supposed to be scrutinizing?

Until the election of President Trump, we have had no voice in Washington. We have been powerless to express our dismay and our outrage that the media would be so bold as to openly display their conflict of interest by erasing that invisible line which should be maintained between the media and government.

We have watched for several decades as the media coverage has become a blatant cesspool of liberal anti-American talking points designed to promote Democrat candidates and the Democrat platform. Those of us who have had the audacity to confront the media corruption have been marginalized or isolated. How about that, Curt Schilling?

When the media became a part of the political machine, it effectively became the enemy of the people. And these pompous journalists-in-name-only are so indoctrinated by drinking their own koolaid that they don’t even recognize their own corruption. They live in their own little bubble of glamour and greed, because like the politicians, they became celebrities and self-anointed nobility. They merged with the politicians.

Think about this. Brian Williams, darling of the NBC network, is a bona fide liar. Not only was he exposed for his lies and fake news reporting, but he was suspended for this egregious offense.

Telling the truth is the ‘business’ of the media. In fact, that is “supposed to be” their only business. They are not to be slanting their news reports according to their opinions. They are not to omit facts which would prove progressivism to be a failed ideology. And they are not to use their voices and influence to change the course of history.

Yet, NBC allowed Brian Williams to return to a business which was designed for informing the public with the truth, not with made up stories which glamourized his work and experiences. They now have an habitual liar sitting at their news desk as if his deception was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

And what is more infuriating is that Williams had the audacity to comment about President Trump’s press conference and make reference to fake news on his program. The man and network have no shame.

Media outlets are now complaining that Trump wants to shut down their First Amendment rights. There are two fallacies with this assertion. 1) Trump isn’t shutting them up. He’s just calling them out for lying when he sees it. 2) First Amendment rights don’t apply to deception in journalism; thus accounting for libel and slander laws.

Yet, the elite media believes that they are a part of an aristocracy which is above reproach. The mainstream media wants to maintain the power to create and destroy with their fake news.

Yes, Todd, the media does see the conservative Americans as enemies. It is the media who is inciting civil war in this nation. It is the media who would like nothing more than to see fighting in the streets in America. Media hyperbole and exaggeration are key to the animosity that drives the liberal fury.

Media attacks on President Trump are endless. Conservatives become enraged with the media bias and liberals feed off of the media lies.

I have no doubt that the mainstream media would love nothing better than to see blood in the streets of America, be it the blood of Donald Trump or the blood from patriots standing against the establishment. They are driving the false narrative which foments violence.

The media would love to feast on Trump’s assassination or a soft coup. On second thought, they would like nothing better than a military overthrow of the Trump administration.

The mainstream media views We the People with contempt. They know it and we know it. And they would like nothing better than to stand before their audiences and describe the river of blood flowing in the American streets.

Hell Yes, they are enemies of the people!

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