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Anti-Trumpers are huffing their smelling salts today in response to President Trump’s dressing down of the mainstream media. Their hysterics are beyond predictable as they wring their hands over Trump’s inarguable disgust with the media. And I would wager that national pharmacies are busy today doubling down on the anti-depressant prescription refills.

Even Conservatives who hate Trump are back to their pre-election antics of calling out Trump supporters with the familiar name-calling of Trumpsters, Trumpettes, cult followers, Trumptards, etc. Not to mention the cries of “dictator” and “Hitler.” Needless to say, these same alarmists are clueless as to corruption within the media.

One anti-Trump zealot warned me that Trump is declaring the media irrelevant just as the despots of history always do prior to their big power grab. But I have a newsflash for these Chicken Littles.

The mainstream media is already irrelevant. They have neglected to perform their duties as designated to the Fourth Estate as watchdogs of the republic. Until the media sets aside its progressive agenda, it cannot be relevant in terms of serving the people.

Anti-Trumpers have it backwards. The “truth” is relevant. And if the media is not seeking the truth, then the media is irrelevant. Without honorable intentions and truth in reporting without an agenda, the media is corrupt. Period. That fact is not up for discussion. How can a dishonest, agenda-driven media possibly be relevant?

The only relevance that the mainstream media would have would be the residual damage that it has created with its deception and irresponsibility. The media is relevant only in the fallout of its exploitation of a trusting public. It is relevant in that they have connived to spread misinformation and hysterical nonsense to the masses.

Before anti-Trumpers slit their wrists in anguish as they anticipate being hauled off to the gas chambers, they might get the real facts. President Trump said he has no problem with a bad story that is criticizing him for his behavior, his bad decisions, or his policies. But he simply refuses to remain quiet while the media makes up the news. He refuses to remain silent while the media attacks his administration with defamatory and slanderous chronicles.

Any man who would sit quietly while the media unfairly and systematically conspires to delude the people with fabricated inaccuracies and outright falsehoods is a weakling. A leader will not allow his constituents to be misled and surrender the truth.

The mainstream media abandoned its relevancy and its legitimacy when it merged with the Democrat Party. And now they are outraged because someone finally called them out. So, anti-Trumpers need to get a grip.

The truth is what’s relevant, not the media! The media are merely an institutional pack of liars!

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  1. I wish someone would do something about McCain and Graham.
    It absolutely amazes me that some of the Republican establishment “swamp” monsters would rather protect their selfish personal interests over the good of the country.

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