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It didn’t happen suddenly. We saw it coming. Senator and “former” war hero, John McCain, has joined the globalist movement, and in terms of We the People, he stands with the Left as does his buddy, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that heroes from once-upon-a-time are portrayed as heroes for life. They are immune from interrogation and ridicule. But from that perspective, former heroes are given carte blanche to behave poorly for life. And frankly, it’s nonsense.

Obviously, all men can’t be war heroes, but there are many heroes among us who have changed the course of history in both big and small ways. And these men are not regarded as superhuman beings for the entirety of their existence. They are appreciated for their contributions to our country, our lifestyles, and our culture, but they are not exalted as kings. A heroic act is not synonymous with a lifetime of heroism.

And that brings me back to John McCain, the man who has been shielded from criticism from old guard Republicans and the progressives in the Washington Establishment. We the People have been silenced for far too long in regards to expressing our opinions with respect to the shameful John McCain. He has been absolved of his wrongdoing for most of his post-Viet Nam War life, because he did what thousands of other American prisoner of war captives did, which was to suffer at the hands of his captors. But unlike McCain, these men were not free from a lifetime of responsible conduct. These men were not permitted to ride the white horse of gallantry for eternity.

For whatever reasons, John McCain transformed from a Reagan Conservative to a progressive globalist over a period of two decades. He obviously remained in the Republican Party as a progressive influence regarding the direction of the party. Because he certainly no longer represented his Republican conservative constituents.

From his McCain-Feingold Bill, which benefitted Democrats and castrated Republicans, to his half-assed presidential run in 2008, McCain has publicly traded his heroic trademark for that of traitor. Yes, “traitor.” While I appreciate McCain’s service, I believe he has erased all of his rights to be a designated hero. By joining the progressive globalists, he has fought against the sovereignty of this nation, thus making him a traitor.

Before I launch into McCain’s latest anti-American escapades, I want to mention that McCain has been a recipient of campaign donations for George Soros’s executives at the Soros Fund Management hedge fund. And it was not only McCain who took money from Soros’ employees. Soros’ henchmen gave John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations. Now why would Soros be directing money to these guys? Would open borders have anything to do with it?

Can you be an American hero and take money from the evil puppetmaster and globalist George Soros? Not in my book. Soros only funnels money to candidates that he knows can be bought or swayed to move left.

Throughout President Trump’s presidential campaign, John McCain has both discredited and exchanged insults with Trump. I get it. I understand that in the primary process McCain was not keen on Trump. But McCain was not keen on Trump because McCain did not want the swamp drained. McCain has enjoyed spending the last thirty years with the elite aristocracy of the political insiders. It has been one big thirty year party for the “former” hero. That’s hard to give up, even if you are eighty years old.

But McCain stooped to his lowest on Friday while speaking at the Munich Security Conference. Suggesting that the German founders of the conference would be disturbed with the new direction of the United States, McCAin gave a point-by-point scorching speech in which he blasted Trump’s immigration stance, and his position on NATO and foreign policy.

Suggesting that dictators are made when the press is stifled, McCain made an obvious comparison between Trump and Hitler. This is over-the-top rhetoric, even for the “FORMER” hero.

President Trump has never suggested that the press be silenced. He has said that he will call them on their lying and discontinue the special privilege that the mainstream media giants have enjoyed. But the traitorous John McCain, the man who takes money from George Soros, deliberately misrepresents Trump’s intent and his words.

Senator John McCain has officially and publicly joined the Left. He has six more years in the Senate and will end that term at the age of eighty-six. Likely, he has taken off his globalist mask as he has nothing to lose and no re-election campaigns to consider.

I would have at least had some respect for McCain if he had announced himself to be a progressive, renounced his Republican status, and joined the Democrat Party. It would have been the respectable thing to do. But then again, John McCain isn’t respectable. He stayed in the Republican Party as an obstructionist to conservatism within his own party. He prevented conservative Republicans from moving ahead with their conservative agenda.

John McCain might have been a war hero. But that was then, and this is now. Today he is a “TRAITOR” or a pig. Take your choice!


  1. Excellent, Judy… I remember being so very disappointed over the 2007 Pres. debates, thinking McCain thought it didn’t matter whether he or Obama won. It was sickening, and I didn’t understand why he would be so nonchalant during debates, when he had the opportunity to shine a very bright light on their differences. Then I came to understand that it was because he didn’t think it mattered whether he won or not. That either way, the Progressive movement would be intact. Going a step further with that logic would make me a conspiracy theorist so won’t go there, but I will agree that McCain is a traitor, going back decades, so this is not a new thing. Conservatives are terrible at calling something like this out boldly. Thank you for doing so beautifully, Judy.

  2. It’s about time someone called him out for weather really is, RINO, even worse, he is the establishment and a poster child for the need for term limits!

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