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Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace had a heated exchange with Reince Priebus in regard to President Trump’s war with the media. Wallace stated to Priebus, “You don’t get to tell us what to do.” Chris, really? You guys need to stop with the righteous indignation. I have yet to see any directives or remarks which would lead anyone to think that Trump is wanting to tell the media what to do.

But we do have evidence that the media tries to tell We the People what to think every day, every hour, and every minute. Fake news reports, left-leaning pundits, and talking head contributors indoctrinate their viewers with a steady diet of progressive propaganda.

Obviously, the media has deteriorated past the point of even recognizing their role as purveyors of the truth. It’s all about power as Chris revealed. And he didn’t even recognize his own haughtiness with the statement. It was just another “How dare you question us” moment. Lest we don’t forget that Chris is the son of legendary liberal journalist Mike Wallace. The left-wing media blueblood runs deep in Chris Wallace.

Honestly, it’s rather comical watching the media elites having their meltdown over President Trump’s lack of respect for this unprincipled bunch. The media holds itself in such high esteem that they forget that they are vulnerable when their target refuses to dance to their music. And what’s even more remarkable is that they are so unaware of the public animus directed squarely at them.

Social media is echoing the exaggerated and completely unwarranted panic that the mainstream media has circulated. “Donald Trump is authoritarian!” “Donald Trump Is Shutting Down The Free Press!” “Donald Trump Is Taking Away The First Amendment!” “Donald Trump Is Unhinged!” “Donald Trump Wants a State-Run Press!” At any given moment I expect to read, “Donald Trump Has Reinstituted Slavery!” or “Donald Trump Is Purchasing One Hundred Cattle Cars!”

If we didn’t have media hyperbole and fake news regarding our culture, conservatism, political correctness, and social justice, we wouldn’t have any news at all. The media would be out of a job as the media giants would not approve of anything less than pure progressive propaganda.

Actually, the overreaction of the media to President Trump’s first presidential press conference is in itself fake news. The journalists in question know exactly what Trump is referencing when he speaks of fake news and media bias. They know that he is highlighting their lack of journalistic ethics and irresponsible journalism in regards to cherry picking what they report and how they present the news.

But media personalities like Chris Wallace are incensed that anyone, not just Trump, would stand toe to toe with the media and challenge them with the truth. Wallace proclaims, “You don’t get to tell us what to do.” In reality, no one, not Trump, not Priebus, nor any other Trump administration official “tried to tell the media what to do.”

However, Trump’s message was clear and justifiable as he scolded the media for their dishonesty. His message was not complicated. Since the media 1)insist on misreporting his intentions, 2)continue to advance a false narrative in regards to his agenda and policy, 3)persist in their efforts to distort his words, 4)exaggerate to incite the public, 5)enjoy personally attacking his family, and 6)has its own progressive agenda, he will find them to be irrelevant.

The mainstream media has found the truth to be irrelevant, so it is only reasonable to find the media to be unfitting for the job of reporting the truth. Why would a self respecting person allow a corrupt press to destroy him?

Chris Wallace’s phony outrage over the Trump administration trying to “tell him what to do” was the priceless oxymoron that proved Trump’s case. Wallace used “fake rhetoric” to denounce Trump. Fake rhetoric, fake news, or fake outrage; it makes no difference, it’s all the same phony tactics employed by unprincipled and unscrupulous news correspondents.

And might I add, it is quite significant that Wallace would look out of his ivory tower with his arrogance and smugness and remind all of us that no one tells the media what to do. We gotcha, Chris. Heard that loud and clear.

Now, let us tell you, Chris Wallace, you self-serving media rats no longer get to tell us what to think. Those days are gone forever. We have alternative methods for gathering the truth. You are irrelevant! Go gnaw on that for awhile!


  1. You are my hero 😉
    Love love this! I’m sooo sick of it ! Please, let the man lead and I love the fact he puts them in their place, makes me rofl! It’s like a spoiled Brat not getting their way or prosessing the information through a warped lense.
    Go get em Judy!

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