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The political drama never ends. From the politicians and big money players to the pundits and talking heads we move from one set of circumstances to another several times a week. It depends on how you look at things, but for someone like me who really enjoys political analysis, it is more entertaining than Broadway theater. Unfortunately for those who feel helpless and overwhelmed by the enormity of the culture shock, it can all be quite unnerving.

Our latest production involves none other than Breitbart’s senior editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, the bombastic and right-wing gay provocateur. Milo is the flamboyant darling of the young gay conservatives. He is the recipient of liberal hatred on college campuses and a resounding critic of Islam.

On more than one occasion I have applauded Milo for his fighting spirit. He is a trooper, and he doesn’t back down. That doesn’t mean that I agree with him on all of his issues, but I have a fondness for courageous individuals. And like him or not, Milo has grit. He enters the lions den instead of pretending to slay the caged lion.

Without a doubt, Milo, pushes the envelope anytime and anywhere the opportunity arises. He loves the shock appeal of his outlandish style and behavior. His presentation can resemble that of a masculine straight guy or an ultra-feminine gay, which gives some validity to my assertion that politics aside, Milo is all about the entertainment value. Without a doubt, the exaggerated effeminate characterization of himself that he sometimes manifests is relevant to his schtick.

Milo is a performer. His physical appearance is restyled with his every performance. He is a comedian, political activist, and often obscene entertainer. He may arrive as a handsome, well-groomed young man, and he may show up as a drag queen, laden with heavy jewelry and painted hair. But every day and on every occasion he is incendiary. He pushes every button, relies on shock value, and goes where most conservatives won’t go in search of conservative recruits. So, in his own creative way, Milo has played a very important role in the election of Donald Trump.

Milo was chosen as the keynote speaker for CPAC. And that brings us to his present controversy. Amidst his celebration of being honored with this opportunity, Milo’s critics found a video in which he hints at understanding the phenomenon of older gay men introducing teenage gay boys to life as a homosexual. And with this discovery, it has been asserted that Milo promotes pedophilia. He adamantly states that he does not approve of adult-child sex. His problem lies with the fact that teenage boys are still legally and emotionally children.

So, as the controversy grows, Milo has been uninvited to CPAC, and he is possibly losing his position at Breitbart. His upcoming book is at risk of being rejected.

First of all, I am not a champion of Milo Yiannopoulos. I have listened to his speeches in which he was brilliant, and I have been repulsed by his appalling profanity. I would not fall into the classification of Milo fan. But I can see through his demonstrative production and find some grains of truth to his rationale. He’s just a very strange bird with very colorful feathers.

But I can’t help but ask, “Why in the heck would CPAC choose Milo to be the keynote speaker?” I can understand him being asked to speak. He is courageous and resilient. I get that. But Milo is also a repellent. He may be an energizer, but he cannot reach across that generational divide as a unifier.

Making him the keynote speaker is tantamount to making him the face of the Conservative movement. We don’t want that. President Trump’s off key personality is objectionable to many Conservatives, and while many of those anti-Trump Conservatives are coming around, many are not. We don’t need to rub salt in that wound by representing the Republican brand with such a character as Milo Yiannopoulos.

Frankly, it was a stupid move by the CPAC organizers. Milo needed to be recognized for his work in the conservative movement, but parading the most anti-tradition individual that has electrified the conservative circuit at the most prestigious, traditional conservative event of the year is a very liberal idea.

Milo will lose his position at CPAC. Whether he remains at Breitbart or loses his book deal is yet to be seen.

I will credit Milo for his creativity, his passion, and his courage. His explanation for the so-called pedophilia-supporting comments may be genuine. But whether he escapes this present mess or not, he needs to understand that his detractors are many, and they lie in wait. Always!

But Milo always walks too close to the edge. It’s who he is. He just needs to understand that when you walk that close to the ledge, it doesn’t take much effort for your enemies to push you off. Hopefully, he has learned a hard lesson.

However, without a doubt he will be back. He’s like a ‘Bumble’. He bounces. Hate him or not, he is the warrior that you want on your side.

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