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Bill Clinton made it to the White House. Hillary Clinton made it to the State Department. And if my intuitions are right, Chelsea Clinton isn’t going to make it past Twitter. Power begets power, and the Hillary and Bill political arrangement beget a daughter who is inching her way into political relevance. Let me rephrase that. Chelsea is ‘trying’ to inch her way towards political relevance.

But there’s a problem with this scenario. Chelsea Clinton does not have the charisma of her father, nor does she have the killer instinct of her mother. She certainly doesn’t have the look to get elected, and it’s beginning to look as though she doesn’t have the intellect to spin her way past the electorate.

It would be my guess that Chelsea’s interest in the political world is nothing more than her parents’ dream of trying to hold onto what they have already lost. The good ole days in Washington for the Clintons have passed. Their only hope of maintaining any glory is through their daughter’s political aspirations, assuming that she had any.

So Chelsea is dabbling right now. She’s using Twitter to establish herself and to discover which way the wind might blow. And I can tell her right now that the only wind in town right now is the wind that is going to blow her away.

Chelsea Clinton isn’t bright enough and probably not ruthless enough to play this game. Two separate incidents in the past week are indicative of her political shortcomings. And they both involve Chelsea’s tweets.

As a side note, considering the disapproval and negative press surrounding Donald Trump’s use of Twitter, it seems that both Chelsea and her mother have taken to this social media to express their objection to President Trump and his policies.

Unfortunately for the former first daughter, she isn’t smart or shrewd enough to spar with the big boys and girls. Three days ago, Chelsea, thinking herself to be quite clever and wanting to draw attention to Trump’s controversial comments regarding Sweden and Kelly Anne Conway’s reference to the Fort Hood Shooting as the Bowling Greene Massacre, tweeted, “What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Greene Massacre perpetrators?” To be candid, I was surprised that she had a big word like ‘perpetrators’ in her vocabulary.

Chelsea, with her limited intellect, doesn’t even realize that when you hurl public insults on Twitter, you had better be several steps ahead of the intended recipient of those barbs, because to not do so will only create a boomerang effect. And that’s exactly what baby girl Clinton did.

From Boca Vista came this, “JUST AS Hillary denied Bill’s RAPE victims Chelsea denies victims of Muslim RAPE gangs in Sweden.” OUCH!!
And from Swamp Cleaner Fred came this, “Chelsea Clinton poking fun of women being raped again, is this a family trade Seems Your Mother had no problem making fun of Dad’s rape victims.”

Josh Caplan had this to tweet, “No, Chelsea. Thanks to mass Muslim migration, Sweden is experiencing a rape epidemic. Ask your father, he understands a thing or two about rape.”

Nabila Haniss wrote, “Really? Women and children being raped is nothing, right? Spoken like a true Clinton!”

It only gets worse for the political newbie. She tweeted her displeasure with the deportation of an illegal immigrant who had been deported six times and was seeking help within the American legal system against an abusive boyfriend. The woman, who had repeatedly cost American taxpayers for her countless deportation, was arrested. Chelsea, in solidarity with liberal women everywhere tweeted, “I need a thesaurus. What’s another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible.”
So, Little Miss Not-so Smart received this tweet in return, and it was from none other than Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who alleged that Bill Clinton raped her.

Broaddrick stated in her tweet, “Well, since you asked, Here’s my definition of Horrifying, sick, and awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton.” Bravo, Juanita!” Bravo!!”

Clinton’s sympathies were with an illegal, not an American rape victim. But that’s not a surprise. Her star might be a little dim, but like her parents, she knows how to play the “I’m a Victim Game.”

When you really think about it, Chelsea Clinton is rather pitiful. She has spent her entire life with con artists. She doesn’t know anything else. And she apparently doesn’t understand that she just ain’t got what it takes to survive in the Washington Swamp.

Chelsea Dear, you are in over your head. You don’t recognize quicksand when you see it. Get out while you still can.

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