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There have always been idiots among us. They are those moronic individuals who can’t think their way out of the proverbial paper bag, but are always making spectacles of themselves with their attention-getting behaviors. Code Pink Founder, Medea Benjamin, is a prime example of an idiot. The woman leads her anti-war, social justice organization around the country harassing those individuals and groups with whom they disagree. They burst into meetings, Congressional hearings, and other gatherings and heckle speakers. Bluntly, they are jokes who accomplish nothing.

We saw hundreds of thousands of dimwitted fools in their pink pussy hats at the Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration. To say it was a Fool’s Parade is an understatement. And these women actually thought they were being clever to prove the power of their profanity and obscenity to the nation and world. “I am woman. I am nasty!”

But the difference in today’s idiots and yesterday’s idiots is that yesterday’s idiots use to recognize their own stupidity. They didn’t grandstand their midget mentality. And the ones that did were usually mentally ill. Most of all, yesterday’s idiots were powerless to effect public policy with their ramblings and nonsensical thinking.

Oh, but enter the modern day liberals. And now we have idiots on steroids with no concept of their own intellectual deficiencies and no shame to boot. But these idiots have an audience, and they are accomplishing the objectives of their irrational thoughts.

The latest idiot to rise to attention made a powerful statement. The idiot’s name has not been provided but this one crazy individual profoundly effected many people with his or her insane rationale.

A U.K. department store chain known as Primark pulled from its shelves a “Walking Dead” t-shirt which read, “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe,” The t-shirt featured the now famous baseball bat referred to as ‘Lucille’. The show’s character, “Negan”, played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, uses the bat to pulverize his victims. He chooses the victims by using the familiar “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, catch a tiger by the toe rhyme.”

“IDIOT ALERT! IDIOT ALERT!” Along comes an idiot who complains to the store manager that the t-shirt is racist and offensive. Referencing the age old rhyme in which the word “tiger” was originally the ‘n’ word, the screwball demanded that the t-shirt be removed from the shelves, and the store acquiesced.

And then the idiots at Primark apologized with this, “Any offense caused by it’s design was wholly unintentional.” No freakin’ DUH!
There was no grand design to the shirt. It merely headlined the phrase that Negan repeated while beating his victims with the ball bat. And the simpletons at Primark fall upon their knees and ask for mercy from one completely irrational idiot.

Jeffrey Morgan Dean tweeted, “Holy crap. People are stupid. Walking Dead shirt pulled from stores after complaint of racism.” Yes, Jeffrey, they are stupid. In fact, they are much more than stupid. The progressive/liberal movement has enabled, energized, and empowered mentally defective people. What’s worse is that they are given credibility by the university indoctrinated CEOS of big business.

One dimwit has cost everyone involved in the production and sales of these “Walking Dead” t-shirts thousands of dollars. Conservatives in the UK should boycott Primark to protest the lack of objective thinking by the store hierarchy. When companies cave to the demands of the minority based on completely irrational thought, they need to feel the consequences of their impractical and absurd decision making. And it is up to the customers to spotlight the gross irresponsibility of Primark’s management.

One idiot can move a mountain in today’s culture.

Here’s to the idiots everywhere! “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Catch an Idiot by the Toe!”

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