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By nature I am not a negative nabob. I am basically a cheerful, non-confrontational, mind my own business kind of girl. What happens in your bedroom or your bathroom is none of my concern. I am not interested in your sex life. I don’t want to see your genitalia. You keep your kinkiness to yourself, and we can get along.

I have written multiple times that transgenderism is a mental illness. Now, if that makes me politically incorrect that’s okay by me. I refuse to play this game of accepting the insanities of a few people in order to prove myself tolerant. I am tolerant of most things in this world, but when your insanity crosses into my domain, threatens the mental welfare of millions of children, and basically becomes aligned with an agenda to change the course of nature and thus mock God, I can become very intolerant. Let me emphasize that ……..very intolerant.

Many of the world’s most respected and notable psychiatrists have spoken out, and they concur that transgenderism, otherwise known as gender dysphoria, is a mental disorder. Most children who develop this affliction outgrow it by their mid teens, especially if they receive the proper therapy.

Medical doctors have verified that our gender cannot be changed. DNA cannot be altered. Anatomically transforming the body does not change the gender, and neither does wishful thinking.

Does a female victim of breast cancer, who has been subject to a double mastectomy, while also receiving small doses of testosterone for other health issues, suddenly become a man? Of course not! If she declares herself to now be a man, is she? Again, of course not! Can she think herself into being a man?

And despite all of the professional information refuting the Left’s assertion that transgenderism is normal and transgenders should be protected as a civil right, the crackpot liberals continue to destroy lives by promoting this false lifestyle. Statistics show that suicide is a common phenomenon among transgenders who are surgically altered. And those who don’t commit suicide are overwhelmingly depressed individuals.

Those transgenders who cease their hormonal treatment for reasons such as pregnancy, begin to revert back to their original gender. We simply cannot use wishful thinking to choose our sex. And by insisting that we can, liberals are bringing great mental anguish and physical harm to those people who suffer from gender dysphoria.

Transgenders, especially the ones that surgically alter their anatomy, are pretending to be that which they are not. And the Left wants sane people to buy into this madness.

The transgender bathroom controversy is the prime example of how removed from reality the Democrats and the liberals have become. There is absolutely no reason for a boy or man with a penis to share the bathroom with a girl or woman. They imagine themselves to be girls so the rest of the population is supposed to accommodate their delusional thinking and behaviors.

Let’s put a face to this radical extreme left-wing transgender agenda. There are many we can choose from, but this time I will use CNN’s very own Chris Cuomo. Cuomo is himself not a transgender, or at least I assume he’s not. But he supports transgenders with penises using women’s restrooms.

While arguing on Twitter about transgenders in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, one Twitter user asked Cuomo, “What do you tell a twelve year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?” Cuomo responded, ” I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? Teach tolerance.”

After the outrage regarding his comment on Twitter, he tweeted, “My point was dead clear. This isn’t about a scared girl. It is about an overprotective parent who is afraid without basis. Don’t twist it.” Cuomo continued with his insane exchange on Twitter defending boys in girls’ restrooms.

Chris Cuomo spotlights liberal delirium. The very notion that he would blame a twelve year old’s father for not teaching her tolerance, because he doesn’t want her exposed to male genitalia is symptomatic of mental derangement. There is not one iota of merit or reason to Cuomo’s madness.

What’s really daunting is that Cuomo has no regard for the safety of the girl or other young girls. I can predict with one hundred percent accuracy that the transgender law, which allows men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms, will result in sexual assault, somewhere at sometime.

Cuomo is just one of many liberals who are caught with an electrical storm of misfiring brain cells exploding in their heads. They are determined to continue with the transgender agenda in defiance of reality and the will of We the People.

And they intend to shove the transgender revolution right down the throats of normal America.

The liberals are officially insane!


  1. A real pithy commentary! Unfortunately, the liberal left will do anything to bring their idea of what an ideal world is to the forefront. Folks should read Saul Alinsky’s treatise as well as Karl Marxx just to see what these people are up to. It’s not about ideology any more, its about money and power and they will do literally anything (can you say amen) anything to bring their corrupted ideals to the american public. Cuomo, in normal times would have been literally taken to the “woodshed” but he is speaking to the chorus of like minded liberals who you might have to ask the question, do they really believe in what they are saying? Keep it up JB

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