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In what can only be described as a gift to President Donald Trump, “Morning Joe’s’ Mika Brzezinski verified what we already knew when she stated this week that it is the media’s job to control what people think. Host Joe Scarbrough nodded in agreement.

Brzezinski’s generous moment of candor was unintentional, but nevertheless the best gift under the Trump tree. Those unexpected last minute gifts are always the best, especially when they are so freely given, void of arm twisting.

Scarbrough’s co-host made her thoughtless comment during a panel discussion in which she was ridiculing Trump’s attempt to control what the people think. She alleged that he was undermining the media. In other words, Mika, using the mentality of a small child, blurted out to Trump, “You can’t have that. It’s mine.”

There is absolutely nothing new or unusual here except Brzezinski’s admission. Anyone who can actually think outside of the box, which would automatically exclude liberals, has recognized for over three decades that the mainstream media is a propaganda machine with a purpose. And that purpose is “not” to bring truth to reporting. It is to control public opinion.

But the media, like a thief in the workplace, was not satisfied with the occasional theft of the truth from We the People. They became greedy as time went on and they found their propaganda to be so effective. And they became more and more open with their efforts to sway public opinion which in turn would sway public policy. Like the thief who started small and became intoxicated on his ability to take more and more from his employer, the media became bolder and embezzled their own duty of truth in reporting.

People who are brainwashed, indoctrinated, or programmed to perform are always the last to know, if in fact they ever know. They generally are weak-minded individuals who cannot be reasoned with even when presented with the factual truth. Anyone who has ever debated a liberal has had this experience as the liberal becomes irate when confronted with irrefutable details and facts which disprove their assertion. They freak out, and the name calling begins.

It is my contention that the media began to falsify the news when correspondents began crossing the line between the political establishment and the world of broadcasting and publication. When reporters made themselves part of the stories by socializing with the very people they were assigned to oversee, they blurred the lines of ethical journalism.

The White House Washington Correspondent Dinner highlights the coziness that has been incorporated between the journalists and the politicians. This dinner is the “Oscars Night” for the tuxedo and gown-clad journalists who attend to see and be seen. It is their ‘Hollywood’ moment and their red carpet event.

Frankly, you cannot report fairly on the people you befriend or sleep with. You lose all objectivity and you neglect your professional responsibilities. Unfortunately for the American public, many journalists are involved or married to politicians or political hacks. Left-wing Chuck Todd is not only married to a Democrat political strategist who works for Democrat candidates, but Chuck also worked for Democrat strategists. Conflict of interest? Ya think?

When cable news became twenty-four hours, it opened the door for thousands of political pundits to fill in the majority of the network time not dedicated to straight, hard news. And the networks began blending the news with the opinions of political pundits. Average Joe American, who legitimately held a trust in his source of news, was deliberately plied with opinion as news and soon was unable to draw a distinct line between fact and the pundits’ cleverly crafted opinions.

When the news becomes hour after hour of entertainment as political strategists and hacks spar, the real truth of the news becomes irrelevant as the opinion becomes the story. And the subliminal message is the residual effect of the entire segment.

The networks package lies with nuances of truth so as to appear credible. They omit one word which will completely distort the context of the story. When President Trump said that fake news is the enemy of the people, the media elites ran with the story inferring that Trump was alleging that all media is the enemy of the people. This was a deliberate attempt to incite the Left.

To be fair to some of the left-wing liars at MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and the other fake news networks, I will admit that many of these mindless morons hail from Ivy League schools where they were the victims of progressive indoctrination. They are the grunts of intellectual thought, incapable of critical analysis. But that made them perfect hires for the mainstream media.

The mainstream media has been responsible for the presidency of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. It was their false reporting, their omission of facts from the public, their slanted journalism, their selective reporting, and their unadulterated lack of journalistic ethics that contributed to the American people voting for candidates who had a progressive agenda.

Had the media done its job of exposing the far left background of Obama and the left-leaning corruption of Bill Clinton, neither man would have been elected. But by the 1990s, the media was well underway to being the monster of indoctrination that it has become today.

President Donald Trump owes Mika Brzezinski a heap of gratitude. She so very beautifully inserted her entire foot into her mouth without hesitation. And her sidekick Joe Scarbrough applauded.

Meanwhile, Average Joe American continued eating his bacon and eggs while swigging his coffee, completely unaware of what had just transpired. And all the while he is thinking, “Well, if Mika said it, it must be true.” Because Average Joe American has been brainwashed. And Joe votes Democrat!

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