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Any thinking person who pays attention to the political environment understands the uncompromising position of the Democrats and Republicans. The divide is so deep that even unthinking people like the Liberals are aware of the animus which is building between the Left and the Right, the Conservatives and the Liberals, the average Americans and the elite. It is as obvious as CNN’s fake news.

And history tells us that a house divided cannot stand. So, what happens from here? Can Americans continue down this road of animosity and expect the country to move in the right direction? Of course not.

We all know that something is going to break. We can feel it in our gut. At some point domestic violence will occur, and it will forever change the relationships between liberal and conservative Americans.

The Democrats, mainstream media, and George Soros-backed protesters are carefully crafting an environment which is not only provocative but one which incites violence. Their rhetoric is incendiary and promotes social unrest. Celebrities suggesting that President Trump is preparing to reinstitute slavery are not only dimwitted but purposefully attempting to appeal to the left-wing nutjobs who are just itching for a confrontation, a bloody showdown.

Steve Bannon said it best while speaking at CPAC last week. He warned Conservatives that they must never stop fighting, because the Left will never ever allow us to take back our country. Bannon was spot on. Bannon knows, like every wise Conservative, that the forces of the Left are malignant.

The Liberals are a cancerous bunch, and they don’t respond to radiation or chemotherapy. The only cure for liberal cancer is surgical removal. The question is, “Just how do you remove millions of cancer cells from the American landscape?”

The very first choice is to try to find common ground from which to reason with progressive Americans. Unfortunately, Progressives do not respond to reason, and they are not interested in concession. They want things their way or no way. Anyone who believes that middle turf can be found is delirious with psychotic thinking.

And this leaves us with the three alternatives: 1) Conservatives resign themselves to progressivism 2) A physical altercation which resembles a civil war or 3) A divorce. When compromise is off the table, there are no further choices.

In regard to compromise, Conservatives have no room to compromise. Until the past month with the inauguration of President Trump, the Conservatives have lost every battle on policy. So, they have no wiggle room from which to negotiate. The past eight years have been a win-win for the Democrats. Accordingly, the Left won’t negotiate, and the Right has no position from which to bargain, so compromise is a moot point.

The next possibility is that Conservatives just give up. And my response to that choice is, “When hell freezes over or pigs fly, either or.” Thus far, Hillary Clinton is not wearing ice skates, and Michael Moore hasn’t sprouted wings.

We are left with the realities of a violent civil war or a not-so-amicable divorce. Looking at the reality of a civil war, it is difficult to imagine that any American would want something so traumatic. Sure, tough guys like to boast of grabbing their guns, but no serious-minded individual would want to see violence in American streets. Violence should be avoided at all costs.

Those persons on the Left who are provoking violence have an ulterior motive. They would like to see America in a free fall. Anyone who considers a civil war to be the answer is either mean-spirited or oblivious to the consequences of such a horrific event.

If Americans were to engage in battle against each other, both sides would forever regret the day that we allowed the situation to reach such a climatic conclusion. And furthermore, we would be sitting ducks for our enemies who are lying in wait for such an occurrence. Iran, China, North Korea, or Russia would initiate a strike against this nation. They are presently analyzing our domestic turmoil.

The last contingency for a solution to the political crisis would be a divorce or physical split in the union. California has already been beating it’s drums of defiance as it advances its agenda for secession. Personally, aside from friends living in the not-so-golden state, I say, “Please do, and take Hollywood with you.”

Should we allow Washington, Oregon, and other very blue states to pull up stakes and head on out? And what about the Conservatives that live in those states?

If secession became a reality, it would indeed be a complicated matter trying to resettle conservative Americans stuck in an ideologically progressive state and liberal Americans living in red states. And could it even be accomplished without violence?

Is it possible to have a “Reconstruction of America” without a civil war? I sure don’t know, and I doubt anyone else does either. But considering that the Progressives are globalists who insist that we all follow their chosen path, it is not likely that they will allow a peaceful resolution.

There are so many questions and few answers. But we do know with all assurances that the differences in the conservative and liberal Americans are past the point of compromise. And we either find solutions which both parties can agree or we go our separate ways.

The opposing views are irreconcilable. Do we take the progressive path as designed by Karl Marx or the constitutional traditional path entrenched in Judeo-Christian principles as so brilliantly outlined by our Founders?

War or divorce are seeming more and more like the only possible solutions to this very unhappy American marriage. I prefer an intact America, but if push comes to shove, I choose divorce over domestic violence. But I want to make it perfectly clear that I get my dog.

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