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Dear Media:

President Trump has announced that he will not be attending the White House Correspondence Dinner this year. Bravo! He’s standing by his resolve that you are at war with him and his supporters, thus not giving you another opportunity to play your little “gotcha ya” games with him.

If given the opportunity, you would have used the WHCD against Trump. The fake news media would have generated some sort of controversy, taken Trump’s comments out of context, or isolated unflattering sound bites from the president to present to the public. No doubt that if Trump was to attend the event, the coverage would have been a lose-lose state of affairs for him.

As a Conservative whose first choice was Ted Cruz, I am coming to appreciate Trump’s aggressive personality and his “I don’t give a damn attitude.” Both George H.W. and George W. Bush are partially responsible for our present national predicament, because neither man had the inclination nor strength to combat the out-of-control media. And I’m not so sure that either man really even wanted to expose your bias and corruption.

But Trump’s different. He is not going to allow you to misconstrue his statements or mischaracterize his intentions. He will challenge you at every twist in the road, and he will go head to head and toe to toe with each one of you who decides to push your progressive agenda by belittling him with fake news.

I realize that this must be quite frustrating for you. After several decades of enjoying your media campaign of progressive propaganda on parade, you have finally met your match. You are being held accountable for your lack of truth in reporting. Someone is finally calling a spade a spade and a liar a liar. That someone is Donald Trump, the man that you thought to be a joke. But the joke’s on you, isn’t it?

Had you known that Trump had a chance at winning the presidency, you would have worked much harder to discredit him. You obviously believed your own polls, even though you know they are unreliable. You became caught up in your own game of mind control. You believed your own bullsh*t reporting.

You have become consumed by your own arrogance and the agenda that you have been assigned to push. And you assumed that you were beyond reproach, because until now, few people had the backbone to object to your lack of ethics and bias. You knew that anyone who dared to question your authority or your lack of journalistic integrity would pay a heavy price. Together, you have been a mighty force used by the Left to destroy the conservative opposition.

But that stops now. President Donald Trump has saluted the fake news media with a low five and a big “f” you. And that’s a problem for you as the guy is a billionaire. You can’t destroy him. And he isn’t afraid of you.

And behind President Trump stands millions of Americans that you hold with contempt; Americans who cling to their Bibles and religion, Americans who value the Second Amendment, Americans who value family and tradition, Americans who understand history and the nature of tyranny and oppression, Americans who are willing to die before they allow you to steal their freedoms and their country.

You are in a tailspin as you ponder and conspire with the Soros team. You have even provoked violence against the President of the United States with your relentless fake news stories and suppositions as to what if President Trump was assassinated. Your hatred of President Trump drips from your forked tongues as you push forward with your globalist program.

You may think that you are going to defeat President Trump with your game plan to drive him from office, but it won’t work. It’s too late. Millions of Americans recognize who you are now. You are the people who were complicit in the assault of America by the globalists. You assisted the enemy of We the people. And that makes you the enemy of the people.

Like the Democrat Party of which the mainstream media is an arm, you are the ungodly. You represent the unholy opposition of the progressive movement. You are the epitome of humanity’s most indecent, immoral, and obscene specimens.

So, while you scramble to try and find an angle which will be effective in a comprehensive attack on Donald Trump, just remember this; your days at influencing public opinion are limited. You will soon be the story. Reliable and honest journalists from alternative news sources will replace you.

And history will record the story of the era in which the media became the opposition party to the people it was designated to inform and protect.

You have indeed met your match in President Donald Trump, and in due time you will be held accountable for your destructive role in the attempted overthrow of America by the Marxist Progressive movement.

The Rattlesnake Patriot

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