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I’m going to do something that I rarely if ever do, and that is to give the Left some credit. I want to publicly acknowledge that Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Socialists, and all of the other godforsaken offshoots of Karl Marx have provided Conservatives with some of the best humor that isn’t made up.

These people, and I use the word “people” loosely, are so over-the-top with their thinking patterns that a wise man has to question their humanity. My dog Jake uses better sense than these screwballs, not to mention he has more scruples.

Every day the bats-in-the-belfry crowd display another one of their bizarre tactics for attacking President Trump or his conservative supporters. They are relentless with their absurd and immature antics leaving me with no other verdict but that Liberals really are mentally ill and immoral.

Nothing speaks better to my assumption than the latest attempts to remove Trump from office. And it comes from none other than the Democrat members of the occult. And I ain’t joking. The left-wing Satanists are climbing out of every cauldron and broom closet to cast their hocus pocus on President Trump.

Singer Lana Del Rey is calling on all Liberals to set aside March 26, April 24, and May 23 as days for ceremonial rituals in which spells will be cast upon Trump to remove him from office. These dates are chosen, because they line up with waning crescent moon ritual dates.

Del Rey is even providing the list of ingredients for the special potion needed for the brew. They are: 1) an unflattering picture of Trump 2) a bowl of water 3) a Tower tarot card and 4) a tiny stub of an orange candle. Ooooohhh! It sounds so ominous!

The occultists have promised to continue with the ritual, which is provided online, until Trump is gone. I’m not really sure if they mean like “puff, up in smoke, he’s gone,” “he mysteriously disappears,” “he transforms into a goat,” “he becomes a warlock” or God forbid “he melts away.” All spells must be cast at the witching hour.

In between spells, Del Ray will be promoting her new song “Love.” Now, isn’t that just adorable? One minute she’s turning people into toads, and the next minute she’s all about loving each other. Let’s take some time out for a group hug!

During a town hall meeting in Louisiana, Democrat protesters became irate when the chaplain prayed in Jesus’ name. They became unruly while screaming out for Lucifer. Saul Alinsky would have been proud of that crowd, no doubt. Lucifer was, after all, Alinsky’s go-to demon. And he even dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Hell’s most notable resident.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we find these sorry specimens of the human race woven into the fabric of the progressive movement. They are a subhuman species of callous lowlife individuals void of a soul and a functioning brain.

And what is really frightening is that these people are real. They are not the fictional characters from the latest best seller. They are not the creatures of an alternate universe. They are the same people who believe that boys can be turned into girls and girls into boys. They live amongst us. And they are insane.

These are strange days!


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