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The elite media is so gosh-darn dishonest that they cannot even hold on to the truth long enough to report factually and accurately about fake news. They keep running in place while getting nowhere as they try to advance their progressive agenda by forwarding fake news stories about President Trump’s declaration of his administration’s war on fake news.

Former President George W. Bush had the opportunity to indirectly lecture Donald Trump via an interview on NBC’s “Today” show this morning. During his exclusive interview, Bush offered his full support for the news media, stating that “a free press is indispensable to democracy.” CORRECTION: An “honest” free press is indispensable to democracy.

Bush’s comment is a flagrant misinterpretation of President Trump’s complaints about the mainstream media and their fake news campaign. Let’s get it straight, shall we Mr. Bush? A free press is irrelevant as long as it is a deceptive mechanism of propaganda distribution.

If not bonded with the virtue of honest reporting, a free press is worthless to the citizens of a nation and the republic that it is obligated to serve and protect. But then again, that would mean that the journalists would necessarily have integrity to accompany their reporting. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Bush continued with his little game by declaring, “We need an independent media to hold people like me to account.” Wrong again, Georgie Porgie. The media Bush so fondly praises is not independent. It is a strong arm of the Democrat Party, and I don’t doubt for a minute that Bush knows the mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the radical Left.

“Power can be very addictive, and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power,” Bush 43 proclaimed. You don’t say? Except that there’s a little problem with W’s assertion. The media is corrupted by their own addictive and corrosive power. They “don’t” hold to account people who abuse their power. If they did, the Bush family’s good friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton, would be cellmates in a coed prison.

George W. Bush’s daughter, Jenna, is a rising star at NBC. I’m just wondering aloud here, but I would say that just maybe Georgie or his family used some of that addictive and corrosive power to land Little Miss Jenna her high profile position. Or maybe the ex-president doesn’t realize that those jobs just aren’t available for the little people in middle America. John McCain would understand how that addictive and corrosive power works as his daughter Meghan landed a gig on Fox News. Bush and McCain have a lot in common when it comes to finding jobs for their daughters. I guess it’s possible their daughters found four leaf clovers.

It could be that I am just too unforgiving, but I found Jenna Bush’s cozy position at NBC to be quite disloyal to her father. The people that she sits side by side with every day are the same people that just eight years ago chanted, “George Bush lied. People died.” It was the fake news reports at NBC that made Jenna Bush’s father appear as a dishonest president responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Yet, Jenna has been poisoned by that addictive and corrosive power to the point that she will sit among these fake news journalists who wrote fake news stories about her very own father. What’s more is that her father granted the left-wing Matt Lauer an interview despite the cold hard reality that Lauer and his coworkers were brutal in their propaganda assaults on this forty-third president. Does George W. Bush have no integrity? Not when it comes to hanging on to addictive and corrosive power.

President Trump has clearly and concisely established his terms for those media outlets seeking to gain access to him and his administration. The media is free to write whatever they choose. They can continue with their propaganda programs. They can lie. They can incite the left-wing masses.

But he will not give them special access to him if this is the course they choose to pursue. Unlike George W. Bush, who allowed the press to unmercifully mislead and defraud the American public, while dishonoring him, President Trump is going to hold them accountable.

Trump does not intend to silence the media. He just demands the accountability and respect that George W. Bush never commanded.

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