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If you believe that the transgender phenomenon is a passing fancy or a cluster of episodic, rare cases of gender dysphoria, you need a reality check. It is a pre-planned, calculated crusade to completely change the landscape of gender and biological sex. And if you have been paying attention, you should have noticed that the news surrounding transgenders is becoming commonplace, and what’s worse, it is becoming more acceptable.

And this is exactly how it was planned. Progressives always ease their way into controversial issues. It plays out like this 1)They play the compassion card and insist that the so-called victim be given his or her civil rights. 2)They manipulate the language so as to confuse the general populace. 3) They create empathy for the individual with a heart-wrenching human interest story designed to bring about public support for this person. 4) The individual is celebrated as a hero despite any personal sacrifice 5) Rather than to encourage the individual to overcome his personal affliction, we enable him or her to embrace his circumstances. 6) Vulnerable children decide to imitate the newly-discovered hero. 7) As more children become disturbed with the distress of identity confusion, an ignorant populace succumbs to the orchestrated indoctrination. 8) The social construct now includes mental illness as a natural and beautiful function of a diverse culture.

There are children who are caught in a world of gender dysphoria. But as I have written before, world renowned psychiatrists who have expertise in the field of gender confusion, insist that well over ninety percent of individuals who have this delusional illness, grow out of it by their mid to late teens. For those who proceed with the surgery to anatomically remove or replace genitalia, the suicide rate increases; not from public ridicule but from regret.

When mental health professionals from progressive universities began entering the mainstream of psychiatry and psychology, these indoctrinated so-called experts began to change the program for gender dysphoria treatment. Whether they realized it or not, they were soldiers of the Left, schooled in progressive ideology and trained to be part of the recruitment process for warriors of the brave new world.

The story from Texas regarding the female wrestler, who was taking testosterone to attempt to alter her gender, should be a wake up call to thinking people. Mack Beggs, a 17 year old girl who is described as a transgender boy, has been taking testosterone as part of the transitioning process. Mack competed as a girl wrestler throughout the season despite the fact that she has the advantage of male hormones. She went undefeated with a 57-0 record. Remarkable? Not really. Beggs had the competitive edge by competing against biological girls without the enhancement drug.

Yet, aside from a few parental complaints, the officials and public accepted this crazy scenario. Beggs was celebrated as a hero, while meanwhile, dozens of other girls who were competing only with their God-given abilities, went home as losers. The public has been so conditioned to accepting transgenderism as normal, they were completely complicit in allowing one girl on strength-altering drugs to overshadow and steal the thunder of girls who were using only their natural abilities.

While Beggs was celebrated for her heroism, a message was sent to American children watching. And that message was, “This transgenderism stuff might not be that bad.” And if you doubt this, you are only deluding yourself.

Our children are watching as we accept abnormal as normal, and they are confused. As adults decide to be the cowards on the sidelines while the progressives come after their children, the kids aren’t missing a beat. They are witnessing the entire show, and like it or not, they are being recruited.

Yes, the transgender movement intends to recruit as many children as possible, and there are just enough stupid parents out there to allow them to do it. It’s a revolution, and it’s on schedule and moving ahead according to plans.

Perhaps, we all need a good dose of testosterone, because it’s about time Americans grew some balls and stopped this insanity!

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