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One month into his first presidential term, President Trump has been charged with beginning his campaign for the 2020 election. The accusation in itself is absurd. He merely travelled to Melbourne, Florida for a rally with his base, and his enemies in the media began their fabrications.

Of course, it would not occur to the dimwitted fake news media that Trump is ahead of them in respect to getting out his message. And I’m referencing his true message, not the deceptive rhetoric that the media proliferates. After several weeks of being unfairly mocked and ridiculed for daring to accept his role as president, Trump made a shrewd and decisive choice to go directly to the people with his message.

Obviously, the fake news media is determined to destroy the Trump presidency with their coordinated efforts to demonize his intentions, portray him as mentally unstable, and find fault with his every decision. The media bias is so blatant that even many anti-Trump Americans have voiced their concern about the media’s systematic assault on the Trump administration.

The fake news media has moved beyond exploiting Donald Trump as the joke for a good story. They are indeed his enemy as they have become obsessed with him and their own desires to control the minds of the people with globalist and progressive propaganda. We aren’t witnessing the usual media hit pieces. The hatred for Trump among the fake news journalists exceeds any contempt that has ever been aimed at a Republican president.

Trump certainly expected a degree of animosity from his detractors, but the extent of the hostility and malevolence directed at him and his cabinet surely extends far beyond the level of hatred he had anticipated. In truth, the acrimonious Left have opened President Trump up to a new standard of belligerence. They have literally unfastened the floodgates of media-induced loathing for the President of the United States.

Thankfully, Donald Trump is a much brighter man than his inarticulate demeanor suggests. And he is one step ahead of the media. Recognizing that the media onslaught was far more brutal than he could have imagined, he has taken to the offensive, which is typical Trumpesque.

President Trump is not only recharging his base, but he is also engaging in his own strategy for damage control. Whether you like Donald Trump, the man, or not, you gotta admire his willingness to do his own fighting. He takes to the trenches himself in the media war. He is willing to take his own arrows, which is something Barack Obama would never agree to do.

As the media war and the Deep State attacks continue to hammer away at the Trump administration, President Trump hopped on Air Force One, flew to Florida, and reminded all of America as to why he won the presidency. He bolstered his agenda and assured his supporters of his dedication to his campaign promises.

It was not a campaign rally as the fake news media has reported. It was a smart move by President Trump. But the mainstream media wouldn’t understand that, because they are idiots!

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