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Sometimes we just have to accept the disappointing facts of life, like it or not. I know it’s tough when you discover that someone you respected or supported lacks the worthiness of your gracious opinion. We have all been let down by others.

So, I know I am in good company when I announce that George W. Bush has been an extreme disappointment to me. Bush was never a conservative Republican. He was a semi-conservative to moderate Republican with a penchant for big government policy. Can you say Patriot Act?

But after eight years of the presidential predator, Bill Clinton, Bush looked pretty good. He seemed decent and principled after wild Bill. Following 9-11, George Bush unified the country. And I do believe he thought he was doing the right thing when he took the nation into Iraq, opening an insatiable war chest. There were weapons of mass destruction as Bush asserted, but when accused of lying about the presence of the WMDs in Iraq, Bush, very awkwardly remained silent.

His silence was an admission of guilt in the eyes of the media and many Americans. Rather than to defend his position, he preferred to remain the gentleman and allow the media and Left to use him as the punching bag. Unwittingly, or perhaps knowingly, Bush’s resolve to not ruffle the establishment feathers cast an unflattering light on the entire Republican Party. It was during this time that I began to question George W. Bush.

When Bush refused to intervene in the case of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, two border patrol agents who were sent to prison for defending America from criminals from Mexico smuggling drugs across the border, I became skeptical of Bush’s intentions. In what is a bizarre story, the two border patrol agents had stopped a drug smuggler in a van carrying 743 pounds of marijuana. Compean, thinking that the smuggler had a gun, fired a shot but missed. Ramos, hearing the gunfire and believing that Compean had been shot, fired his gun at the smuggler and hit the criminal in the butt. The culprit ran leaving both Ramos and Compean to believe that they had missed the guy.

And here’s where it went crazy. The smuggler filed a complaint against the two agents, and he was given immunity for testifying against them. Compean and Ramos were given 12 and 11 year prison sentences respectively. The smuggler invoked his Fifth Amendment rights thus walking free.

George W. Bush refused to pardon the two agents. Even when a resolution was introduced in the United States Congress asking for Bush to commute the sentences of Ramos and Compean, Bush remained stubbornly determined not to help these two American men. Just as he was leaving office in 2009, Bush commuted the prison sentences of both men. However, it is not only strange, but also outrageous, that the forty-third President of the United States behaved as though he held a grudge against two dedicated border patrol agents.

But nothing George W. Bush has previously done can compare to his close-knit relationship with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. When I heard him say that Bill Clinton, who is an alleged rapist and a validated serial sexual predator, was like his brother, I knew without a doubt that Bush the younger was not the man of integrity that I had formerly believed. And then he said that Hillary Clinton was like his sister-in-law, and there were no more questions concerning his loyalties.

Earlier this week, George W. Bush spoke out against Donald Trump and his immigration policy. And he so openly stated to People Magazine, “I don’t like the racism, and I don’t like the name calling, and I don’t like the people feeling alienated.” The former president said that the political climate, since Trump’s election, had gotten ugly.

Saying that he didn’t speak out against Obama so he wouldn’t speak out about Trump, Bush publicly lied. No, he didn’t speak out against Obama. Eight years of Marxism and Bush kept quiet. But he most certainly is speaking out against Trump as he has accused him of racism and name-calling.

It gets better. He continued to say that the Bush Center will be speaking out. The Bush Center is accelerating efforts to support programs which will stand in defiance of Trump’s administrative policies, including immigration policies. Bush stated, “It’s really through actions defending the values important to my wife Laura and me. We’re a blessed nation, and we ought to help others.”

How sweet is that? George W. Bush is still wanting to hand over taxpayer money to illegal immigrants. We ought to help others? Are you kidding me? George W. Bush dares to speak of American taxpayers needing to help others after we have spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed the lives of American boys in the Middle East. My suggestion is for Bush and his wife Laura to hand over some of their millions to the people they want to help.

Bush is apparently clueless as to the state of the economy, the jobless rate, and the availability of jobs that pay a living wage. He wants America’s teetering middle class to cough up the rest of their paychecks and welcome the rest of the world.

When asked if President Trump’s executive actions temporarily suspending the U.S. Refugees Admission Program bothered him, Bush declared, “Now that you mention it, it might bother me, but we’ll figure out how to bring them over.”

George W. Bush lied when he said that he would not be critical of Trump. He is going to work through the Bush Center to indirectly campaign against Trump’s policies, and he is defiantly admitting that he will figure out a way to get refugees into America for hard-working American men and women to support.

George W. Bush is more akin to Barack Obama than the Republicans want to admit, and he is going to be fighting President Trump every step of the way, right along with Obama. He’s a globalist elite, who up until now, was hiding behind the closet door.

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  1. Just as I have always suspected. Democrat or Republican, the political “elite” are cut from the same cloth. Party does not matter, personal gain in both power and money is what motivates all politicians, Thanks for calling them out.

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