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While the Left is busy hanging out in “safe spaces,” cuddling with puppies, burning down campuses, and playing the perpetual victim, Donald Trump is solidifying his presidency. And with last night’s address to a joint session of Congress, President Trump accomplished what his detractors said was impossible. He not only reminded the American people that he is the legitimate president, but he validated his competence and abilities for the task of leading the United States of America.

There was really nothing shocking or earthshattering about Trump’s speech. With some exceptions, his address was a culmination of his campaign promises. He is not the politician who goes to Washington only to say a few weeks later, “Getting the job done amidst this gridlock is going to be much tougher than I thought.” He’s the guy who says, “This is what I said I was going to do, so I’m going to make this happen.”

Trump was the unconventional candidate who appalled and stunned his opponents and detractors with his street fighting tactics. For many Americans it was part of his appeal. But for others, it was unbecoming and disgusting. Nevertheless, he said that if elected, he would be presidential, and he obviously meant what he said.

If he can deliver even half of what he asserts, President Trump will be recorded as one of the nation’s greatest presidents. It is too early to compare him to the great Ronald Reagan, but he is on the track which could take him to the heights of political grandeur. Trump lacks the refinement and the sophistication that President Reagan embodied. But what he lacks in polish and grace, he compensates for with boldness, determination and sincerity.

Even President Trump’s enemies would acknowledge that he is a man of action. His brashness has offended many, but that does not negate his steady-as-she-goes work ethic. The guy is a work horse. He has an insurmountable drive which has been missing from the White House since the days of the “Gipper.”

As Trump rocked the house last night, the pathetic Democrats hunkered on their side of the aisle, determined to find nothing of merit in Trump’s speech. The Democrat women wore white in support of women’s rights. At least they didn’t have on their pink pussy hats; I’ll give them that. Aside from WV Senator Joe Manchin, who has shown support for Trump, most of the other Democrat faces hung low as they slithered down in their seats, still reeling from Trump’s presidential victory and determined to resist his agenda.

Unlike Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who led the nation with their personal agendas and their egos, President Trump has no personal agenda. His presidency is almost a freak of nature in terms of his chances of winning the election against the odds of a Democrat-controlled media and the Clinton-Soros machine.

Whereas Clinton and Obama considered the presidency to be feathers in their caps, Trump stumbled into the office from a position of indifference. He was not disinterested in the job of president, but he did not have the hunger for the power which accompanies the office. As an observer of politics and the encroaching globalism, Trump saw the problems, and he imagined the solutions. We can never accomplish what we don’t imagine first.

President Trump restored the hope that Barack Obama only talked about. And the changes that he wants to bring about should begin to unravel the transformation of America that Obama predicated. The only thing standing between the restoration of a sane America and Trump is the Democrat Party and fake news media. Trump’s challenge will be to face down the globalists on the Left and push his platform through Congress.

What straight-thinking American can object to a reduction of taxes for the middle class, the harnessing of the EPA, secure borders, the return of manufacturing jobs to Americans, the restoration of our infrastructure, a return to constitutional governance, the eradication of drug lords, the clamp down of violence in cities, and the end of lawlessness? Any individual that would vilify Trump’s program for the nation does not have the best interest of the republic at heart.

The man Donald Trump did not need the hassle of the job as President of the United States. His achievements have spoken for themselves. But he saw a broken country headed for the graveyard of dead republics, and he envisioned solutions to the gargantuan problems facing the nation which is spinning out of control. And he knew that if given the chance, he could at the very least put the runaway train back on the track.

I believe that President Donald Trump is sincere in his love for this country and his determination to make it great again. Sometimes history throws us a curve ball. Donald Trump is that curve ball. He began his political career as a wild pitch, but he is aligning up for what could be a grand slam.

I have faith in this man. And if last night’s speech is any indication, this nation is back in good hands.


  1. We heard the same thing last night during that speech. Amazing how the dumbocrats hear something entirely different. An today (thursday) I see the woeful dumbocrat minority Chuckles Schumer arguing that Jeff Sessions should resign over the “Russia” incident. I did watch the confirmation grilling and did hear the feckless Al Franken (he was a poor comedian and an even poorer senator) question Jeff Sessions and his answer was truthful, he did not discuss the campaign with the Russian ambassador as the dumbocrats are now trying to lay at his feet. Keep calling out those idiots. Since you know Joe Manchin, at least he has the guts to do what is right for the peopole of

  2. Mr Trumps speech was great!! He is doing a wonderful job despite the opposition!!Why won’t they give him his cabinet!! It’s just not right!! I hope the voters remember this childishness at voting time and get rid of the obstructionists!! These D.C. Democrats don’t care about America or Americans. Time to be rid of them!!

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