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While attending the Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea in March 2012, Barack Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Russia’s outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev, “This is my last election. After this election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev responded, “I understand. I will transfer this information to Vladimir.”

Despite, the obvious stench of the exchange, the mainstream media paid little attention to Obama’s very covert conversation with Russia’s highest leader. Obama, whose self-adoration is that of a cocky rock star, later joked about the incident. “Ho hum,” said the media.

The first question should have been, “What would an election have to do with Obama having more flexibility other than that he could double cross the American people without worrying about it impacting his chances of winning a second term in office? Any scrupulous and candid dealings with Russia should be worthy of scrutiny by the American public.

But we all know that Obama is not an honorable man. We know he comes from an unscrupulous party, and he has spent eight years moving the United States towards his glorious revolution. And he has no intentions of stopping what he started or allowing anyone else to reverse his progress in the transformation of the nation.

Obama and the Democrats fully expected Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump. But they did have a back up plan just in case. And that contingency plan was to connect Trump to the Russians. His off-the-cuff comment last July, suggesting that Putin should hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, was a joke. And any rational person realized that. Unfortunately, the comment gave Barack Obama an idea. And that idea was to set Donald Trump up as a traitor who was colluding with the Russians.

Since Trump’s 2016 presidential win, the Democrats have led a fierce assault on President Trump and his non-existent ties to Russia. The attack has been two-pronged, targeting both Trump and his team of advisors and Cabinet. The latest non-story involves Attorney General Jeff Sessions and what appears to be a set up by the Obama administration.

Briefly, Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who would bring shame upon our Founders, asked Sessions during his confirmation hearing if he had meetings with Russian operatives in regard to the Trump campaign. Sessions responded to the negative. However, as planned between the Democrats and fake news media, Sessions is now being accused of collaborating with the Russians, because he met with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, on two separate occasions, and none other than Barack Obama and his administration set the meeting up between Sessions and the Russian emissary. In other words, the entire Sessions-Russian ambassador scandal was a setup by the Barack Obama and George Soros team.

But with that aside, most if not all of the one hundred United States senators have met the Russian ambassador with respect to their senate seats. Obama met with the diplomat twenty-two times. Pictures are now surfacing that show Kislyak at Trump’s Joint Session of Congress address, and he’s sitting with the Democrats. Information is seeping out that Kislyak and Chuckie Schumer are best friends.

Yesterday, it was reported that Obama’s right-hand woman, Valerie Jarrett, is moving into the Obama Washington mansion. It is also being reported that the mansion is to be the ‘nerve center’ for the insurgency against President Trump.

Isn’t it ironic, the Republicans were worried throughout Obama’s presidency that he would create a false flag, Reichstag event to initiate martial law or run for a third term by changing the Constitution via a circumvention of the Constitution. Conservatives never believed that Obama would willfully evacuate the White House or surrender his Marxist agenda and accomplishments.

But Obama did not feel as though he needed to go to either extreme as he was sure that Hillary Clinton would win and continue with his already-in-place demolition of the republic. When the Democrats received their earth-shattering news that Trump had defeated Clinton, Obama pulled his pot off of the back burner. And in that pot was his plan to sabotage Trump with a concocted story of Russian involvement in Hillary’s defeat. All Obama needed to do was to stir the ingredients and move the kettle to the front burner. The meal was pre-made.

When the Democrats said they were going to obstruct and resist President Trump, they meant it. They have every intention of preventing Trump from governing. Barack Obama is in the process of trying to steal the presidency, or at least that is the plan.

I have news for him. If Democrats or their piece of crap leader, Barack Hussein Obama, believe for one minute that they will recapture the presidency through media indoctrination and a soft coup, they are in for a not-so- pleasant surprise.

They will be met with a mighty force. And there will be blood in the streets. Because that is what Barack Obama wants. He wants death, destruction, and the power of the presidency. He is evil personified. And the hell that’s about to be paid, will be paid on location…in hell.

Barack Obama wants blood in the streets. Not his own, mind you; just that of the little people fighting to keep him in power.

We were right all along. He was never going to give up the presidency. He is going to try and lead a radical violent revolution to get it back.

May God protect the republic. May God protect President Trump. May God bless us and watch over us.


  1. We will kill off every last one of them if they do start a war in the U. S. A. Hell will hold no fury like the American patriots will unleash. And make no bones about it obama will not be able to hide like he thinks he will. Their party has no idea how bad it will be for the lieing liberal democrates.

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