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Not So Dear Democrats;

Your efforts to undermine President Donald Trump are becoming very annoying. You lost the election. Let that sink in for a moment. Again, you lost! That means you didn’t win. You are not in control of the White House.

We the People are back in control of our national destination for the first time in thirty years. Not since the days of “Ronald the Magnificent” has this country been under the leadership of a president who wanted to serve the people of the United States. And now WE ARE BACK!

So, along comes “You the Liberals,” whining and crying because you lost the election. You have been hiding under your beds and closets, or cuddling in safe spaces with a box of tissues or pampers. I have been wondering which one of you will be the new 2017 Gerber Baby. There are so many of you from which to choose.

While you whimper and wail about losing the election and possibly having to look for a job, your party hires professional thugs to protest for you. They burn down buildings and beat up Trump supporters while you get your therapy. Heavens knows you aren’t capable of doing your own protests, unless it’s something simple like putting on a pink pussy hat. I’ll give you that. You are a fine looking group strutting around in your pink pussy hats. And I’ll even give you a compliment here. The pink pussy hats suit you perfectly.

After the election, We the People were patient with you. We gave you your safe spaces and watched in amazement as you got your boohoos going on. I have to admit that your tantrums were quite entertaining. I particularly enjoyed Michael “Jabba the Hut” Moore’s hysterical cries for “resistance.” And as a side note, may I add, I bet you guys are tickled pink to have the refined, red-faced Moore on the front lines fighting for you. He represents you well. You know the old saying, “You are who you stand with.” But in Jabba’s case, “You are who you sit and eat with.”

As I mentioned earlier, We the People are becoming a little annoyed with your sobbing and gasping for air. It’s so unbecoming, and honestly, it makes you look so weak. But I forget myself. You look weak, because you are weak. You are the weak-minded amongst us who bought into the liberal indoctrination. I felt sorry for you for awhile, but not so much anymore. You deserve to wallow in your misery and madness.

Now, that I have gotten the niceties out of the way, I want to get down to business. It seems the Democrat Party, under the leadership of “Seig Heil” Obama, has decided to stand in the way of President Trump and his administration. It is becoming apparent that you have decided not to abide by the constitutional process of choosing the United States President. It’s not really surprising that you want to discredit Trump and prevent him from governing. I understand that you are capable of anything. You are a soulless bunch as you made clear when you kicked God out of your 2012 Democrat Convention.

While you were sucking your thumbs and clinging to your blankies, your Democrat leaders were busy sabotaging President Trump’s election. They were not-so-cleverly trying to connect our duly elected president to Vladimir Putin, which is rather comical since it was Obama who was caught promising Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility to work with Putin after his 2012 election. You thought we forgot. We didn’t.

We didn’t forget that just as we didn’t forget Bill Clinton’s conversation with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during Hillary’s FBI investigation. And you thought we really believed that it was about grandchildren. Silly you.

During President Trump’s address to the Joint Sessions of Congress, your leaders reflected the people they represent, which is all of you Democrats. They sat on their hands like little children. They refused to stand for the widow of a war hero. They remained seated when Trump called for unity in the best interest of all Americans. Some of your leaders even hissed. And they ran out of the chamber as fast as their little Marxist legs could carry them, immediately at the conclusion of Trump’s historical speech. I thought that maybe the House Democrats were having a special showing of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” after the address, and they were running to get a front seat.

I realize that you have the power of the fake news media in your pocket, but as you will see, these progressive agents of anything but journalism are slowly becoming an ineffective and irrelevant breed of influence peddlers. They have been exposed, and no one believes their propaganda except stupid people, which would be you.

Your attempts at delegitimizing the 2016 presidential election are futile. It just ain’t gonna happen. You can create fake news, politically assault good men like Attorney General Sessions and General Kelly, and hiss like snakes during Trump’s speeches. But you will not alter the course that We the People have set to defend the republic from low life such as you. We the People will not allow it. We are not going to let you steal the presidency from President Trump.

We the People do not want to take this fight to the streets. And believe me when I say that you do not want to take this fight to the streets. Because if it comes to that, you will lose in such a spectacular way that it would make General George Washington proud; not of you, but of We the People.

You can save us all a lot of heartache and trouble if you just back off and allow President Donald Trump to serve his four years in office. In 2020, if Trump has not served the people well, they will vote him out. But in the meantime, it is his right to govern without an obstructive force of idiots.

We the People are going to see to it that he has that chance whether you like it or not. Believe me when I say that you don’t stand a chance against us if you continue to shove. You will lose in a very big way!

Back off! Back off! Back off! If you think you are going to stop this president, you’ve got another thing coming!



  1. 🙂 And now we know why the dems want all the low lifes and stupid from all over the world coming into our country. That would be to cast a stupid vote like all the rest of the stupids in that party !

  2. Thank you Rattlesnake patriot, couldn’t have said it better myself. After the big brouhaha following the last debate; suggesting that Pres. Trump would not allow for a peaceful transition if he lost, the question should have been would Hillary and Barrack allow for a peaceful transition. Of course the answer is a resounding NO. Shame on them! I hope they are all prosecuted for treason.

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