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Before I begin my condemnation of Disney’s latest politically correct performance, I want to specify that I have no issue with gay people. During my lifetime, I have had several good friends who were gay. My interest in these individuals has always been a matter of their character, not their sex life. But with that said, none of my gay friends has ever been actively involved with the recruitment of children to the gay lifestyle. They don’t boast of their homosexuality. And they certainly have not asked for special rights because of their sexual orientation. And that is as it should be. The same holds true for heterosexuals. Just keep the sexual content away from the kids, don’t force your lifestyle on me, and keep your privates private, and I’m good.

In a free society, our sex lives are our choices. And whether homosexuality is Biblically prohibited or not, we cannot have laws which prevent others from their own preferences, “if” they don’t interfere with the best interests of others. Christians can disapprove of many actions while simultaneously understanding the concept of “free will.”

If you have paid adequate attention to the LBGT movement, you are most likely aware that the endgame is gender fluidity, which is the termination of binary sex identification. Gender fluidity can only become a reality by altering traditional beliefs and scientific data. While the LBGT crew maintains that homosexuality is not a choice, they are not denying that gender fluidity is a matter of realigning one’s misconceptions of the binary sex. Gender fluidity can only be reached by indoctrinating the unsuspecting youth. Gender fluidity is unquestionably about recruitment.

Skeptics might ask, “But why would gays want to recruit others to their lifestyle?” First, not all gays are involved in the politics of recruitment. Only the radical gays such as the extremists with the LBGT movement are wanting recruitment. To be fair, most gays just want to live their lives according to their predilection. They aren’t parading in the streets. They are leading their lives and wanting to be left alone. But the fanatics in the LGBT society have intentionally created a divide between the gays and straights, because they are attempting to recruit by presenting homosexuality and the gay lifestyle as natural. Gender fluidity is contingent upon social acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism as equal and normal counterparts to heterosexuality and the biological gender identity.

The LBGT campaign is not about sexuality and personal choice. It is about the social engineering of all things unthinkable. It is about separating biological sex from gender. But the most hideous consequence of the hidden LBGT program is the pseudo-transfer of power from God to man and His creation of the sexes.

The recruitment of children into alternate sexual lifestyles is essential to the success of the brave new world’s sexual order. During the past decade there has been a subtle, yet slippery slope of propaganda directed at our kids. Most of it has been subliminal or insinuative, even in cartoons. Vulnerable children looking for direction or experiencing identity problems are perfect targets for the LBGT planners, resulting in perfect targets for recruitment. Not-so-vulnerable children may be less likely to buy into the indoctrination, but they are systematically being desensitized to the rhetoric. They may not be confused about their own sexuality, but they are losing their steadfast belief in a binary sex.

We learned this week that Disney is now exploiting children by inserting a gay cartoon kiss in a children’s program. The once-upon-a- time child-friendly broadcasting company has also used a gay storyline in the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast.” And we shake our heads in shock and wonder how the most sacred of children’s entertainment became involved in pro-gay activism.

Americans, and not just liberals, have allowed their children to be emotionally manipulated by the entertainment industry. They have surrendered their kids to the television, movie theater, and video game culture which intends on programming the youth in accordance with the LBGT agenda.

Whatever happened to letting children be children, focusing not on sex, but on climbing trees, making mud pies, and riding skateboards? Why have Americans allowed the Progressives to steal the childhood from our children?

Defeating the Left and the predators, whose aim it is to deny your children their God-given gender, takes sacrifice. Will Americans boycott Disney to save their children? Or will they raise their white flag and hand their kids over to the degenerates of the LBGT? I’m betting on the latter and hoping for the former.

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