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Whenever a problem arises, the first step in correcting the bad situation is to identify and correct the source of the problem. Of course, many problems are out of our hands, and the best we can hope for is damage control. But we do know that if we have a problem with obesity, we must prevent the intake of too many calories to rectify the issue. If we have cancer, we try to eradicate the tumor of origin. Substance abusers must acknowledge their addictions and remove the mind-altering and toxic substances from their lives.

Only those individuals who feast off of the gluttony of misery deliberately continue to open themselves to the heartache of ignoring solutions to their problems. And unfortunately, there are many among us who would rather be miserable and complain than to take the time to find and apply a remedy to a life-threatening or lifestyle-changing obstacle.

One such issue, which is not a personal problem but a culture and social dilemma that threatens to shatter the Judeo-Christian value system of our western culture, is the incompetence of upper academia. Barring a few private institutions, the universities and colleges in America have become little more than indoctrination tanks. They harbor the radical professors and left-over hippie ideologues who follow the doctrine of critical theory as proposed by Karl Marx and followed by Joseph Stalin and Saul Alinsky.

Academia has discarded the tenets of rational theory and individual behaviors. Instead, they embrace the valueless system of teaching all concepts and subject matter through the lens of progressive political philosophy. Social engineering and social justice have replaced all formally accepted standards since the inception of America.

Not only have our institutions of higher learning completely abandoned the commitment of offering their students exposure to a wide-range arena of ideas, but they have become the killing fields of all viewpoints which do not align with what amounts to communism. Students who do not buy into the propaganda of critical theory, multiculturalism, diversity, and a host of other far-left revolutionary perceptions, are not only ridiculed by the university hierarchy but academically penalized through the grading system.

Parents who have sacrificed dearly for their children’s college educations don’t want to hear this, but college educations during the past twenty years have become so watered-down that they amount to little more than a high school education of forty years ago. I realize that is not a popular statement, but as an educator who has spent decades with continuing education, it is far too evident that our children are receiving a sham of an education.

The primary focus of the university curriculum is to produce uniform, progressive-thinking soldiers to enter the mainstream workforce of America for the purpose of unraveling the fabric of the western culture. Those may be harsh words, but nevertheless, they are true.

Recent years have exposed a new and far more dangerous abomination transpiring on university campuses. This development has been a steady drip of self-loathing activities, classes, and seminars directed at whites-only, particularly white men. The college campuses have become a hotbed of radical activism aimed at not only demonizing the white man and woman, but of also teaching these mostly young adults about self-hatred for the audacity of having been born white.

Our white kids are being discriminated in what is the most blatant form of perverse bigotry. This outlandish insult to whites, education, and our Founders is becoming a routine and customary practice on college campuses. And I want to know why the parents of the white children have not shut these colleges down through protest or legal action.

Every child on a college campus has the right to receive his or her education with the respect of their instructors. And if a professor or instructor purposefully denies each student the right to a harassment-free education, then that professor should be targeted for removal from the faculty. Where are the white parents?

The instances of white privilege being used by left-wing educators to indoctrinate white students are becoming commonplace. In a world of self-congratulatory college educated village idiots, white children are being encouraged to hate themselves. It would take many pages for me to bring them all to attention, so I will just spotlight three of the hundreds if not thousands of incidents.

St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has recently instituted a new study group for white males. The group is described as teaching white males how to explore the depravity of their whiteness and the brutality of their masculinity. According to the wackos at St. John’s College, being white and virile is a no-no.

Imagine that adults are teaching white children that they are depraved for being white and that masculinity is a brutal characteristic. And this is allowed at St. Johns College in the guise of education.

In Texas, Sam Houston State University is offering students scholarships, early class signups, and the use of a special technology lab if they will take classes on white privilege and Black Lives Matter. They are bribing white kids to learn to hate themselves while teaching them that they have taken advantage of minorities. This is bizarre and again, where are the parents of the white kids?

Last October students at Berkeley protested to demand that students of color have more safe spaces to get away from white people. They already had some, but they wanted more. During their protest, they joined hands, forming a human wall and refused to allow the white students cross the campus bridge. Whites had to wade through the water below to get to the other side. Where was the media, and where were the parents of the white children?

Obviously, the brainwashing of white students in respect to white privilege is having an effect as the white kids are buying into it or remaining silent. They should be screaming holy hell. But they aren’t, and that should be disturbing to all white people.

The American university system is a cesspool. It is graduating kids who have no business of even being in the halls of upper academia but are there because of the progressive agenda to indoctrinate the masses.

We have stupid people getting college degrees, and I can assert with some expertise, that most people with only a high school diploma prior to 1990 have more knowledge than the average college graduate of today.

We are losing the minds of our children in the universities. They are being dumbed down and being taught that the white man is shameful. The universities are building a case for white genocide, but unfortunately the average college kid doesn’t even know what the term genocide even means.

Simply put; our republic will not survive without university reform.

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