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Here we go again! Another designated day for liberal women to make fools of themselves and cast a bad light on all women. Who are these idiots who came up with the moronic idea to celebrate “A Day Without Women?” I don’t know who organized the marches, but by golly, I can assure you that they were the certified nuts from the Feminist Movement.

And these females need to change the name of their organization, because they are anything but feminine. They are spoiled, selfish, self-absorbed adult women who spend their time pretending to be the victims of those evil men, particularly those evil white men. Rather than to be happy with themselves and their accomplishments, they drone on and on about discrimination and inequality. Liberal women are the epitome of the word “nag.”

The Feminists are liberal women who glorify their womanhood as martyrs rather than as productive, masterful, independent women. They are demanding, vulgar, and anything but maternal. Rather than to focus on their families, they design a day to demonstrate just how mistreated they have been.

What if women actually marched for families? Instead of “A Day Without A Woman,” how about “Celebrate Your Family Day?” Nah, liberal women wouldn’t want to do that. The women who fight for the right to kill their own babies sure wouldn’t want to waste their time staging a rally for families. And if you celebrate families, you just might have to give dear old dad a high five, and they certainly don’t want to give those pesky males any acknowledgement.

I’m not going to mince any words. Liberal women are an ungrateful, ignorant, uncaring group of individuals. They are not concerned about the rights of women. They are concerned about themselves and what makes their lives better. They want undeserved attention for having done nothing more than to be born with female genitalia.

To say that they are marching for women everywhere is a blatant lie. Liberal women in America completely ignore the oppression of the Muslim women abroad and here at home. Muslim women are forced to wear uncomfortable and hot burqas in extreme heat. They are the possessions of not only their husbands, but the men in their family. They endure rape, genital mutilation, and brutal beatings at the whims of Muslim men.

And where are the Feminists who “say” they stand for women’s rights everywhere? They are “nowhere” to be found. Liberal women do nothing to address or help the suffering of Muslim women. In fact, liberal women defend the Muslim culture of male dominance and female submission.

Young Muslim girls are taken on “cutting vacations’ where they have their clitoris and labia cut off, often without anesthesia. They are denied the right of sexual pleasure so that the men in their lives can be assured that they don’t succumb to adultery. And where are the voices of the liberal women? Nowhere to be heard!

Oh that’s right. We hear the voices of the liberal women, the so-called Feminists. They are in Washington D.C. wearing pink pussy hats and chanting “I am nasty,” while Muslim women around the world are trying to stay alive and whole.

At no time during the Feminist marches do the liberal women speak about the suffering of the Muslim women who are sexually savaged, tortured, and sexually mutilated. Oh no, liberal women wouldn’t want to have to point the finger at Muslim men. They only point their accusatory fingers at white men for the crime of being white. It would be politically incorrect to have to acknowledge that a man of color was a beast.

So, these demanding, unappreciative, self-righteous nags we call liberal women, need to be careful what they wish for. Because I for one think that we should have “Many Days Without Liberal Women,” and if we did the world would without a doubt be a better place!

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