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Washington D.C. is not only a corrupt quagmire of swamp water, but it is a complicated theater of repugnant drama. What lies behind the curtain of the nation’s capital is the covert darkness of stealth and insidious relationships which were developed for the purpose of taking down the republic. And if the participants in this clandestine and amoral enterprise succeed in their mission, the United States of America will stand in name only. It will be the shell of what was once the greatest nation in the history of man.

Those Americans who have actually paid attention to politics and voted in our national elections, particularly the presidential elections, should have noticed that until the candidacy of Donald Trump, the primary candidates were chosen well in advance of the primaries. We were told who the Democrat and Republican nominees would be prior to the Iowa Caucus.

When Mitt Romney ran for the GOP nomination in 2012, the Republican base was advised months before the primaries began that Romney was the man to beat. We were informed that Romney would be the GOP nomination barring any unforeseen circumstances. Oddly, the consensus among the Republican voters that I knew was not in Romney’s favor. Republicans on social media were overwhelmingly in support of other GOP candidates until Romney won the nomination. And then of course, we were all in for Romney.

Until Barack Obama came onto the radar, Hillary Clinton was the Democrat who was assumed to win the presidency in 2008. But something happened within the circles of the globalists, and Barack Obama was moved to the forefront. Somebody within the shadows decided that Obama and not Clinton would be the 2008 Democrat presidential nominee. Clinton wasn’t abandoned, but her candidacy was postponed.

Again in 2016, it was an unofficial given that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat nominee. Her nomination was ingrained so deeply in stone that there were no serious contenders to her primary efforts. Bernie Sanders did, however, surprise the Democrats who saw Sanders as a bridge too far to cross or a wacked out radical. He never had a chance, but his presence in the race made it appear as though the Democrats had a choice. But they didn’t.

While there were seventeen major presidential candidates who began the GOP primaries in 2015, it was forecast months before the candidates filed that Jeb Bush would be the party’s nominee. As in Romney’s case, the Republican base was not energized with the thoughts of Bush. They were exhausted with the Bush family progressivism and disgusted with the whole idea of dynasties in America. The Kennedy, Bush, and Clinton dynasties were becoming boring and rather insulting to the millions of competent American would-be great leaders.

It was assumed that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would be squaring off against each other in November of 2016. But that was before the powers-that-be in the political world understood the significance of Donald Trump’s candidacy and the anger raging within the American people.

We the People had had enough, and the rest of that story is history that will be analyzed for generations to come. Finally, with Trump, the Washington curtain call for the establishment candidates had ended. We did not want to see the same political actors again.

And they were shocked! Why, this couldn’t be! It was all in motion. Hillary Clinton would be facing off against Jeb Bush. Or at least that was the plan as designed by the Washington insiders behind the curtain. What was worse was that a so-called clown of a candidate, as the establishment considered Trump to be, came from nowhere and ended the establishment globalist party.

During the last thirty years, the United States Presidents have not been decided by We the People. They have been chosen by men and women who are shadow dwellers, hiding behind the globalist curtain. They have controlled our elections and their outcomes with a complicit media, George Soros money, and a host of other clandestine activities.

These “Wizards of Washington D.C.” put the Wizard of Oz to shame. And when the curtain is pulled back or comes crashing down, the American people will not see a feeble old man controlling the future of the country. They are going to see a well-organized assembly of government officials who hold contempt for We the People. They are going to see unprincipled, unscrupulous, reprobate villains who are determined to destroy America as we know it.

Who are these Wizards of Washington D.C.? They are the DeepState!…………………….to be continued

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