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Jorge Ramos, Univision anchor and political activist, told Anderson Cooper this week that the “Trump Effect” is already scaring away illegal immigrants. Ramos said that the Illegals fear Trump more than the wall that is yet to be built. And I counter with, “Isn’t that a good thing?”

It is a healthy emotion to fear the consequences for breaking the law. It makes no difference if a person is a citizen or here illegally, he or she should have a respectful regard for the laws of this nation. The dread of the ramifications of unlawful behavior is what reduces our criminal rate.

So, if Ramos believes that the American people are fretting over the fearful Illegals who are intimidated by President Trump, then I say, “That’s a good thing. Heck, its’ a great thing! Find someone else to play your violin, Jorge, because most Americans don’t really care about non-citizens who want to come into this nation suddenly having second thoughts about entering our country illegally.”

But Ramos doesn’t think it’s a good thing. In fact, he believes it’s horrible for all of the Illegals who want to come here and their families who have already broken our laws and crossed the border. Speaking at an event in February, Ramos told his audience that he is a proud Latino and many Trump supporters don’t want Latinos to be here. He then stated, “But you know what? This is also our country. Let me repeat this, our country, not theirs, our country.”

Wednesday night on his Fox News program, Tucker Carlson asked Ramos who was the “us” and who was “them.” Ramos explained that the “they” are the Trump supporters and white people who believe that the United States is a white country. He then said, “They are absolutely wrong. This is not a white country, this is not their country, it is ours, and that is precisely what I am saying.” He continued to prop up his statement by alleging that in 2044, the white population in America will be in the minority.

I hate to sound like a Liberal here, but the facts are the facts. Jorge Ramos is a racist. Antagonism towards people of another race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior is racism in its purest form. And that’s exactly what Ole Jorge just suggested.

His open bias of white people, in particularly white Trump supporters, was undeniable. And he is rejoicing that white people will be in the minority in less than thirty years. It doesn’t get any more overt than that.

Ramos asserts that white Trump supporters are white supremacists by his insinuation that they don’t want the Illegals in the country because of their non-white status. His assertion is not just false, but it is coming from a man who has so much hatred for the white man that he is claiming America for non-white non-citizens who enter the country illegally.

What’s more is that Ramos boasts that Whites will be the underdog and that our country will no longer belong to us.

Did Jorge Ramos just expose his own agenda or what? Let’s be honest with ourselves since our leaders haven’t been for decades. Illegal immigration is about the eradication of the white majority in the United States. The globalists have identified the white man as the primary reason for the world’s social ills. They want to erase all Judeo-Christian influence from the western culture.

Ramos isn’t alone with his racist and bigoted philosophy. La Raza, the Hispanic activist organization, actively seeks the eradication of the white race. Several years ago Bill O’Reilly’s guest was the president of La Raza. I watched the interview as O’Reilly very cleverly outfoxed the anti-white spokeswoman. After she had dodged several of his questions, he posed the questions so that she finally became frustrated, and when asked to elucidate the ultimate objective of La Raza, she impatiently blurted out “the extermination of the white race.” O’Reilly baited her into responding with the expected answer, and he said with a slight smile, “Thank you very much. That was all that I wanted.”

O’Reilly didn’t want to tell his audience what La Raza was about. He wanted them to reveal themselves, and his interview was masterful.

Jorge Ramos inadvertently put his foot in his mouth. Many Americans have been na├»ve in regard to the purpose of illegal immigration and the migrant refugees. They have falsely presumed that the Illegals and refugees come to America in search of a better life and jobs. While some may come for that reason, there is an underlying nefarious motive for the uncontrolled illegal immigration problem. And that reason is to slowly, “progressively,” and systematically condemn, criminalize, and censor members of the white race.

For most white Americans, illegal immigration has not been about race. It has been about respect for the laws of this nation, the economic burden on the citizens, and the criminal element which is becoming a social burden.

Fortunately, Ramos has let the cat out of the bag. For millions of Illegals and the globalists among us, illegal immigration is about race…the white race. Like Ramos said, “This country is ours, not theirs.”

And here I always thought it belonged to all “legal” citizens regardless of their color. I guess “white” is the new brown.

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