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During the 2016 presidential election cycle, the term “Alt Right” surfaced. According to both the liberal and conservative political pundits, the Alt Right is the big bad wolf. It has been likened to Hitler’s Brown Shirts. We were warned by fake news that Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, Steven Bannon, was a member of this far-right radical movement.

Being unfamiliar with the Alt Right, I decided to research this mysterious organization which was supposedly an exclusive white nationalist coalition which promotes white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Other than opinion pieces by left-leaning columnists and a brief documentary by Steven-Bannon-hating Glenn Beck, no information as to the Alt-Right mischief was available.

I did not find evidence of burned synagogues or mosques tied to the Alt Right. There were no leads to Alt Right hate crimes. However, I did learn of a man by the name of Richard Spencer who is a white nationalist and the president of the National Policy Institute which is being referred to as a white nationalist think tank. Supposedly, Spencer wants a white homeland for a ‘dispossessed’ white race. And it was Spencer who coined the term “Alt Right.”

Not so surprisingly, the Washington Post has tried to tie Spencer to Donald Trump. Reporting that Spencer and his followers had crusaded for Trump on Twitter and celebrated his victory, the Washington voice of the Left relied on more fake news in their attempts to misrepresent Trump’s policies. Writing that Trump’s “attacks on undocumented immigrants, Muslims and political correctness deeply resonated with them,” the Post’s John Woodrow Cox let his anti-Trump bias show through.

Donald Trump did not attack “illegal” immigrants or Muslims. He merely said that the laws of the country would be followed under his administration. And it goes without saying that it is the laws of the nation and not the tenets of political correctness that require national attention. But Cox intentionally and not-so-cleverly applied the violent terminology of “attack” in his efforts to align Trump with the Alt Right. And to be clear, Trump has denounced the Alt Right.

According to Cox’s report, which was designed as a shadowy hit piece on Trump, Richard Spencer had a conference in Washington D.C. for his white nationalist Alt Right members and “nearly” three hundred people showed up. Golly! Wow! Geez o Whiz! This is scary stuff. There were “almost” three hundred white supremacists in the nation’s capital, which means there were “not even” three hundred people gathered with Spencer. And considering Cox’s obvious attempts to damage Trump, I would say that there were probably no more than 251 people and that Cox used the rule of estimation “if it’s over 50, round up to the nearest hundred.”

Just thinking about the mob of white nationalist Alt Right thugs, I can almost hear the click, click, click of the heels of their jackboots on the Pennsylvania Avenue pavement as they marched in lockstep. Imagine, almost three hundred angry white people determined to wipe out the people of color in this country, descending on Washington D.C. Gasp! Can they be stopped?!!

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Alt Right is “stuff and nonsense.” Sure, there’s a guy named Richard Spencer who envisions himself a modern day David Dukes or white Malcom X. Spencer is pushing ‘white power’ just as the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter try to empower the Blacks. And like the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, the members of the Alt Right live out their dreams of radicalism on the fringe. I would even wager that the BLM and Black Panthers are far greater in numbers than the Alt Right.

The gathering of “nearly” three hundred Alt Right extremists in Washington was covered by fifty reporters. Since there were less than three hundred Alt Right soldiers, that would mean there was more than one reporter for every six attendees. But the reporters turned out in droves in hopes that they would get anti-Trump material. Alas, they were quite disappointed without a doubt.

From all reports, the Alt Right has not encouraged the killing of cops. They have not been caught throwing rocks or broken bottles at innocent bystanders. And they have not called for the assassination of Barack Obama, unlike the Left’s public cry for the assassination of President Trump. They are about as innocuous as a pinprick.

Isn’t it ironic that the media focuses on the endorsement of a few hundred far-right radicals and their support of Trump, but never ever report on the Communist Party’s endorsement of almost all Democrat candidates? Tens of thousands of Communists have thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and dozens of other Democrat politicians, but the fake news media hide the communist appeal of the Democrat Party from the public.

The mainstream media needed to take the focus off of the radical Black Lives Matter. And what better way to do it than to find an association of right-wing zealots to spotlight. Richard Spencer coined the term “Alt Right” in 2010, and seven years later it is still in the incubator.

While hundreds of thousands of women on the Left wears their pink pussyhats, another few thousand left-wing college students burn the college campuses. While Democrat celebrities like Madonna and Michael Moore call for or hint at the assassination of President Trump, Black Lives Matter kill cops and burn cities.

The fake news media fixates on the Alt Right’s embrace of Donald Trump while the Communist Party climbs in bed with the Democrats. They don’t utter a word about the Communists who have been sleeping with the Democrats for several decades. And they wonder why we call them the enemy of We the People?

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  1. Thanks for writing this article Judy and explaining this alt right phenomenon. I’ve been wondering who this was ever since I first heard the term, and was a little bothered to find out that the lefties were associating people like myself with this movement…as stagnant as it may be. Nicely done.

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