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There is one and only one good thing that I can say about the Left. They are relentless when it comes to fighting for their ideology. They may be reprehensible, immoral, and depraved, but they continue to push back, even when they are delivered a severe blow. Unfortunately, their commitment to their ungodly agenda undermines the United States Constitution and is injurious to the republic, not to mention the wickedness of their globalist objective.

The Left never accepts defeat. They will try to head Conservatives off at the pass every single time. When Plan A becomes ineffective, they switch to Plan B. And that is exactly what they have done in terms of trying to paint Conservatives, especially white Conservatives, as bigoted hate-mongers.

Liberals have capitalized off of the word “racist” with such proficiency that for more than a decade they successfully silenced conservative thought. It was a brilliant strategy. They took a page out of Pavlov’s playbook and demonstrated that the behavior of Conservatives could be changed with the proper conditioning. And it worked.

In fact, it worked so remarkably that they began adopting other buzz words which would compel Conservatives to censor their own speech. Homophobe, Islamaphobe, hate-monger, bigot, and other behavior modifying words enabled the Left to shut down much needed debate to halt the social engineering programs of the globalists.

Conservatives became fearful to confront warranted complaints against people of color, gays, Muslims, Transgenders, and other special interest groups associated with the Left. Liberals became proficient in creating this fear in Whites who trembled at the thoughts of being called racist.

But finally, We the People became exhausted with the accusations of intolerance, and we began speaking out. After years of intimidation, we broke through the politically correct language barriers, and challenged the anti-American players and movements.

Consequently, the word “racist” lost it’s punch. When you stand up to the bully, you always win, one way or the other. You might end up with a couple of black eyes from the showdown, but you survive. And that is exactly what the Conservatives eventually did. They said, “Call me racist. Call me homophobe. Call me Islamaphobe. I don’t care.” And they meant it. And the Liberals knew they meant it.

When the Conservatives belatedly began confronting the word police and defying the rules as laid out by the Liberals, the game changed. And it brought panic to the globalists. They began to desperately search for more contrivances to control the voices of the Conservative Americans.

And that was when they introduced Plan B. Plan B is the Left’s new scheme to scare We the People away from the battle for our country. Since the word “racist” has been so abused, it has become nothing more than a “ho-hum, is that all you’ve got” word. And if the Left doesn’t have words to manipulate the public, it has nothing.

Plan B is the term “white nationalist.” Simply “white nationalist.” If you are a white person and you love your country, you are a white nationalist, according to the newest social justice handbook. If you want to maintain the Judeo-Christian values and traditions of the western culture, then you are a white nationalist.

Now why would the Left believe that calling white Conservatives “white nationalists” would be a game-changer? Because they can parallel the so-called Nazi white nationalists and Hitler with the Conservatives. And it’s a twofer. Not only can they identify white Conservatives as Hitleresque, but they are using a term which exempts all people of color from the equation.

“White nationalist” is the next step following “white privilege,” and it takes the anti-white movement one step closer to the endgame of white genocide. If you know history and have just an inkling of the understanding of human behavior and behavior modification, Plan B is a transparent blueprint.

The globalists are now declaring all anti-illegal immigration Americans as being nationalists or white nationalists. We know that Americans want controlled borders for security, as a matter of lawfulness, and as a tourniquet for economic hemorrhaging. It has nothing to do with the color of the people entering the country illegally.

But as they do with everything else, the Liberals are trying to make their case on false pretenses. Because as we know, the Liberals operate in darkness, employing the deception as abdicated by their mentor Saul Alinsky.

The truth is irrelevant to Liberals. And the ends justifies the means. They will lie, cheat, and steal from their own mothers if it will advance the progressive globalist program.

Yesterday, Iowan Republican Steven King tweeted, “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” King was defending the leader of the Dutch conservative right, Geert Wilders who believes that the Islamic culture in the Netherlands has overshadowed the western culture . And without hesitation, the left-wing columnists began calling King a white nationalist.

King was merely referencing the obvious fact that if western civilization wants to hold onto its values and culture, it cannot perpetuate the population growth of people who want to eradicate the western way of life. It isn’t about white people. It’s about a culture.

And I would counter these left-wing columnists with this thought, ” By assuming that only white people enjoy the western culture, you are the real racists. Insinuating that people of color in America do not want to maintain western civilization as a matter of ethnicity is arrogant bigotry.”

The Left has moved one step closer to their plan to criminalize whiteness. It sounds crazy, because it is crazy. But it’s real. The Left never operates with rational thought. And every logical clear-thinking American should already know that.

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