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I hesitated to write this piece because of the disgusting nature of the storyline. But the truth needs to get out, and since the Left has transformed much of this nation into a colossal sewage pond, it becomes necessary to wade into the sludge. Somebody has to do it if we are to save the future for our children.

If you haven’t already accepted the reality that the Transgender agenda is targeting your kids, maybe the latest strategy by the gender fluid crowd will convince you.

A children’s author, Cass Clemmer, has now designed a coloring book for children entitled “The Adventures of Toni the Tampon.” Toni the Tampon is the main character, and his job is to teach children that even men menstruate.

A normal-thinking person might say, “Well, that’s not possible.” Yes, it is, if you are living in the progressive world where boys can be girls and girls can be boys at will. In the progressive world you can be what you want by your own word. You can biologically be a girl and be a boy by your own command.

According to Clemmer, “I’d rather help just one genderqueer or trans menstruator (there’s a new term for your vocabulary) feel like they were seen than sell a thousand copies only to reinforce the boundaries society draws by gendering periods in the first place.”

I ask, “Isn’t ‘being seen’ what many or most Transgenders want? Aren’t they looking for attention?” What use to be isolated cases of gender dysphoria has become a “movement” for attention-starved people. And rather than just getting out there and strutting their stuff, they want all of us to watch. They want to force us to accept the unnatural and the big lie.

Cass Clemmer is upset that society “genders periods,” whatever that means. By connotation I will have to assume that it refers to the social acceptance that women have periods and men don’t. As if men would want them anyway.

One can only imagine the contents of Clemmer’s coloring book. She has several characters besides Toni the Tampon. Marina the Menstrual cup, Patrice the Pad, and Sebastian the Sponge are Clemmer’s ideas of a “fun and creative gateway” for discussion. It just keeps getting kinkier. And yet, there are nutcases out there who will give this trash to innocent children.

The Transgender movement has taken on a life of its own. The movement, as we expected, has become a promotional exercise in literally screwing up our kids and their sexual identities. Average boys and girls are being encouraged to consider crossing genders. And this is what has always been intended.

The Progressives always begin their nefarious schemes with the politically correct plea of “tolerance” for those who are different. “Tolerance” and “diversity” are two of the most overused words in the English vocabulary as the Democrats have exploited these benign words to advance their malignant agenda.

They use the word “diversity” to explain away every anomaly and departure from mainstream common sense. Thanks to the Progressives, “diversity” no longer suggests distinction or variety. It is the buzz word for deviant.

Toni the Tampon brings life to the assault by the LBGT crowd upon our children. We can only imagine what those kids are coloring as Toni and pals have their great adventure.

In their young and impressionable minds, they are taking it all in for consideration. Whereas most adults would think that the kids aren’t paying attention, as a teacher I know that they are contemplating that which they don’t understand and filing it away for future reference.

Cass Clemmer and her Toni the Tampon are just two of the LBGT soldiers coming after your children. If the madness isn’t stopped, transgender children are going to be your children and grandchildren.

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  1. Brave New World has been left for a Braver New World! I’l never again believe that things cannot get any worse. Each day dawns with another unimaginable depravity. God help us—no one else is able!

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