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When a society or civilization sacrifices its children on the altar of political correctness, we can accurately assume that it is only a matter of time until that culture implodes. The full scale assault on the future of the civilized world began with the legalization of abortion worldwide. This marked the commencement of the moment that our children officially became expendable.

The entire western culture has continued to surrender the emotional and physical needs of the children and allowed them to be swallowed up by the gods and goddesses of political correctness. Our children have become the sacrificial lambs to a non-existent Utopia.

Arcore, Italy, is a small town with a left-wing government, and not only is the town’s mayor, Rosalba Colombo, sharpening the knives for the feast of the lambs, but she is setting the table. In what defies all logic, Colombo has instituted a project in Arcore to welcome migrants and to teach children about “humanity” and “diversity.”

Colombo is using unvetted migrants to walk the children of the town to school. She is inviting virtual strangers, who have no legal status or background checks, to become familiar with the school children, and she is eradicating the lesson that all responsible parents teach their children which is “don’t talk to strangers.”

All across Europe, the citizens of the nations are fighting the rapid rise of sex crimes due to the migrants and their culture of male superiority and female submission. Gang rapes have become common, and child molestation is on the rise. Adult-child sex in the Muslim world is common, and yet the mayor of Arcore matches up the unvetted stranger migrants with school children.

What sane parent would put his or her child in the hands of a complete stranger and allow that stranger to accompany the student to school?

Many of these asylum seekers have criminal backgrounds. Yet, there are townspeople who are willing to climb on board the political correctness train and relinquish their kids to the unknown.

Several of Arcore’s conservative politicians are fighting the project, but the mayor is not backing down.

Political correctness which is Marxism in a dress, or more euphemistically referred to as “Progressivism,” evolves into pure madness when allowed to remain unchecked. The entire culture eventually begins feasting on itself, or should I say “ravaging” itself.

Arcore, Italy has offered it’s kids to the cause of globalism. Can it get any crazier?

“The western world, it is exploding………………..This whole crazy world, is just too frustratin’, And you tell me, over and over and over again my friend, Ah you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.”

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