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Snoop Dog made headlines this week as the has been rapper debuted his video in which he dramatizes shooting a President Trump depicted as a clown. The Dog was just one among many Lefties who has hinted at the assassination of Trump.

In fact, incidences of Democrat nutcases who are uninhibited and vocal about calling for Trump’s murder have reached astronomical proportions. According to the social media analytical company “Dataminr,” within two weeks of his inauguration, twelve thousand tweets were advocating a hit on Trump.

And we need not even speculate the outrage and chaos if these threats were publicly made against Barack Obama. Our jail cells would be full and the court dockets on overload. The hypocrisy is glaring but not shocking.

Madonna, Ashley Judd, and Michael Moore among other celebrities have hinted at their desires to have this president killed. The influence that celebrities hold over their pathetic fans is significant, and many of the star-struck fools will do anything to please the objects of their affection. And that would include murder if given half the chance.

Let’s not forget John Hinkley, the unhinged young man who attempted to assassinate President Reagan. Hinkley was trying to impress his idol, Jodie Foster, when he pulled the trigger hitting Reagan in the chest and puncturing his lung. Three others were injured as well. Reagan’s White House Press Secretary James Brady was hit in the head and paralyzed for life as well as mentally impacted.

Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy and Washington D.C. police officer Thomas Delahanty received less serious wounds. Hinkley was confined to a psychiatric facility, and Foster was ordered by a judge to testify. Had Foster even suggested the death of Reagan, she would have undoubtedly been tried as an accessory to the assassination of the President of the United States.

It goes without saying that the mental health of almost half of voting Americans is teetering on delusional. And I can attest to that with proof that Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, or Liberals, whatever you prefer to call them, do not live in the real world of rational thought. They support an agenda which is offensive to their own well-being.

They buy into policies which are not only divisive but ungodly, amoral, and formulated to bring devastation upon the future of their own children. They are emotionally weak and being programmed by their own party to embrace social unrest and violence.

The Left is well aware of the game they are playing, and they are just waiting and hoping for the loose cannon that will make the big play on President Trump. Celebrities like Snoop Dog just exacerbate the climate of contempt and hostility.

But Snoop wasn’t the only dog to verbally assault the president. Snoop Dog wannabee, “Bow Wow,” tweeted an incredibly repugnant threat to First Lady Melania Trump. And the tweet read, “Ayo @realDonald Trump shut your punk a** up talking s*** about my uncle @SnoopDog before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

It sure sounds like a threat to me. Either Trump shuts up or Bow Wow and his pals are going to kidnap Melania Trump and use her as a sex slave. Hey Bow Wow, I thought you guys made your image on women’s rights. And now you’re talking about pimping women out.

I have a suggestion. Snoop Dog and Bow Wow are offensive to our canine friends. I think they bear much more resemblance to swine. Name changes are in order. “Warthog the Porker” and “Oink Oink” are much more fitting titles for such selfish, gluttonous, cob rollers.

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