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Did you know that John Kasich’s father was a mailman? I just thought I would mention it in case you were one of the ten people in America who hadn’t heard. Republican primary voters didn’t know anything about Kasich’s conservative philosophy during the primaries, probably because he didn’t have one, but they did know that his dad was a mailman.

John wasn’t interested in attracting voters with the details of his conservative values. But he wanted to woo them with homespun stories about his pop the mailman. For John Kasich it was paramount for all of America to know that he came from humble beginnings.

John’s father may have been an ordinary, modest man, but this time the apple fell far from the folksy tree. Because the John Kasich that ran in the 2016 GOP primary cannot be described as a humble man. He would be best characterized as elitist, arrogant, hungry for power, and disloyal to the Republican Party.

During the Republican Primary, when the political battle narrowed the race to then candidate Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Kasich stayed in the race when their was no pathway for him to win the nomination. He stayed in the race to ascertain a Trump victory over Ted Cruz. He dropped out of the primary one day after Ted Cruz ended his campaign for the GOP nomination.

Kasich remained in the presidential race just long enough to assure that Cruz lost. If Kasich couldn’t win, he wanted Trump to defeat Cruz, but not because he wanted a President Trump. He thought Trump couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton but that Cruz could. As it turned out Kasich was wrong. Trump probably had a better chance of beating her than Cruz, but that’s not to say that Trump was the better man. Circumstances! It’s always about timing and circumstances!

Refusing to endorse Trump after he won the primary, Kasich told Fox News that Trump’s policies were “disturbing.” What I find “disturbing” is that Kasich took over $700,000.00 from George Soros to run ads in Utah. What kind of man takes money from George Soros?

And if Soros wanted to defeat Trump, why didn’t he give the money to Cruz, who had a chance of winning? Kasich had no path to victory, so why would Soros waste three quarters of a million dollars on a lost cause? One can only assume that Soros wanted Trump to win, not because he wanted Trump in the presidency, but because he believed Hillary could easily trounce Trump. But he was wrong.

Nevertheless, John Kasich took money from Soros, and that fact should forever be a stain on his character. Soros money is dirty and ungodly.

But Kasich isn’t done with his assault on Trump and the Republicans. Last night he told Anderson Cooper on fake news CNN that he hoped the Republican American Health Care Act fails to pass in the Senate. And his reason for this wish is another betrayal to the GOP.

Stating that the Democrats have not had enough power in the negotiations of the bill, John Kasich scolded the Republicans for not reaching across the aisle. He gave the Republicans the Judas kiss on the fake news channel.

Kasich’s statement can only be described as a treacherous exhibition of disloyalty to his own party. Where was this apostate from Ohio when Barack Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as Obamacare? Obamacare was passed without one single Republican vote, and without the Republicans or Democrats even reading the bill.

Republicans had no input in the AHCA. It was written and ready for Obama’s signature before Obama took office. And John Kasich wants the GOP to be nice and reach across the aisle!

The Democrat Party, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, literally ignored the Republicans in Congress. Obama turned his back on We the People as he pushed his Marxist agenda to redistribute our wealth, destroy our national security, destroy our healthcare system, social engineer our western culture, and send our economy to hell.

And turncoat John Kasich wants the GOP healthcare plan to fail, because they didn’t invite the Democrat goon squad to the party. Had Kasich just said that he doesn’t like the present GOP plan and would like to see changes, his point might have been taken as sincere. But to blatantly cry foul because the GOP is being unfair to the Democrats in Congress, is nothing more than a knife in the back of his Republican peers.

The Democrats, singlehandedly, ruined the illustrious healthcare system with Obamacare, and comrade Kasich wants them to have a role in fixing it.

John Kasich is bought and paid for with Soros money. And from all appearances, he is the Democrat spoke in a Republican wheel. I wonder what the mailman would think of his son now?

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