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I make it no secret that I hold utter disgust for feminists. There is nothing feminine about this baby-killing crowd of foolish and yes, wicked women. And I have no doubt that if the “original Eve” had lived in modern times, she would have been a pink-pussyhat-wearing feminist. No doubt at all.

What used to be described as the gentler, nurturing, maternal sex has been transformed into the bawdy, vulgar, selfish troupe of the sexcapades. Feminists are loud, indecent, and in-your-face ignorant. And they demand their rights to kill their own offspring! They command attention and the right to showcase their genitalia publicly.

It is the feminists who have declared war on western civilization without a clue as to what they are doing to their children and their children’s children. But then again, that’s assuming that they even care. Feminists no longer put their children first. Their reproductive rights come first and foremost.

They bought into one of the most repugnant and pervasive con jobs in the history of mankind, that being maternal filicide. They not only embrace abortion, but they celebrate it, and their rights to have their full-term tiny babies ripped into pieces in their wombs, if they so choose.

The mob of females in Europe and America, who clamor for unfettered abortion rights, have effectively set western civilization on the fast track to hell. These women have worked diligently through the past few decades to guarantee that the birth rates of Europeans and Americans reached an all time low. For some ungodly reason, they were manipulated into believing that women’s equality hinges on the right of women to not reproduce, or to choose careers over children.

Whether it was through abortion or birth control, women in the West chose to reduce the population growth. They were the pawns of the progressive population control crowd who are vested in reducing the population of the earth by a few billion.

While western feminists were busy restricting the birth of their babies, women of the Muslim world were busy having the babies that the feminists didn’t want. The rate of the growth of Muslim children increased, and not by accident.

President Erdogan of Turkey is calling on European Muslim women to have at least five children, because “you are the future of Europe.
And Erdogan is right. The Muslims are the future of Europe, because the Europeans gave their countries away. They aborted their future away, and with it goes the western civilization.

Meanwhile in America, the Muslim Brotherhood, who were nestled deep in Barack Obama’s White House, have been busy at work preparing the American society for the same Muslim invasion that has been transpiring in Europe. The half-witted American feminists, who are willing to sell their souls to assure all women the right to an abortion, stand firmly for the infiltration of Muslim migrants and refugees.

In what can only be described as bewildering, the American feminists protest for the rights of Muslim men to enter America, bringing with them their male dominant and female submissive culture. They bring with them the culture of rape, torture, beheadings, murder and pedophilia. And feminists cheer for their entry into the United States.

Iowa Congressman Steve King tweeted this week, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” King was, of course, attacked from all corners of the world for this comment.

But King is right. And he wasn’t referring to race as the Left is naturally trying to insinuate. He was referring to the birthrate of all westernized women in America, which includes women of all races and ethnicities. He was not referring to whiteness. He was referring to the western way of life and Judeo-Christian principles.

King is warning all Americans that we either get our birth rate up or America will be an Islamic caliphate. And in an Islamic caliphate, infidels do not survive.

Anyone who has studied Islam or read the Koran understands the ultimate goal is for all of the people of the earth to be Muslims or dead. There are no other choices.

Despite the totalitarian society of the Muslim civilization, feminists in Europe and America fight for the rights of these soldiers of Allah to do their own thing, which is to replace Christ and God with Muhammad and Allah and to outlaw Christianity.

Feminists in America and Europe have been complicit in setting the stage for the clash of civilizations. But they are too damn stupid and self-centered to even know what they have done.

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