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Without question the Republican Party and conservative movement need young Conservatives to keep the Constitution alive. The educational system has incubated at least two generations of progressive non-thinkers, so it is beyond refreshing when we see thoughtful and logical young adults become active in the fight against progressive totalitarianism.

One such young conservative woman is twenty-four year old Tomi Lahren. Lahren hosts her own talk television show on The Blaze network. She is often combative with her guests, but that’s okay in my book. There is nothing wrong with an unwillingness to react to nonsensical progressive values with respect. Challenging a wrongheaded guest is in order if it can be done without malice.

When I have watched “Tomi”, I have found that I agree with her more often than not. She is very confident in her delivery and has a style of her own. With folded hands she appears unassuming and demure. But is she the humble personality that she depicts?

I’m not so sure that she is. She is definitely an attention-getter with her striking cutie-pie looks. Good looks is definitely a bonus for someone who is seeking stardom. Her presentation is professional, but her approach reflects her young age.

Tuning in to watch Lahren’s show, which I have only done maybe a dozen times, I was struck by her Little Miss Muffett fashion statement. In particular, I was rather dismayed to see a commercial for her television program in which she is twirling around in a flared sundress. Her baby-doll glamour may be appealing to a younger crowd, but I find serious-minded conservative warriors to be too mature for a pirouetting performance.

So while I have held a rather ambiguous opinion of Tomi Lahren, I have given her the benefit of the doubt as to her sincerity in pushing the conservative message in this war against totalitarianism. I have overlooked her immature and nursery rhymish attraction in hopes that she is reaching young people. And she may very well be having a positive impact on the younger generation.

But when I learned recently that Tomi had joined the very liberal women on “The View,” I was disappointed, and my antennas went up. I watched the video of her interview, and while she responded to some of the questions with a clear conservative sentiment, she dropped the ball in others.

I don’t know why Conservatives want to sit down with the hens on “The View” in the first place. They are going to be ambushed nine times out of ten, and the audience is always fixed. But that didn’t deter Tomi, because Tomi knew that because of her young age, she would not be ravaged. And she wasn’t.

In fact, Joy Behar and crew were friendly and respectful to this very young new-to-town celebrity. Tomi, wearing a white, very low cut sundress, looked out of place. But she was obviously, very comfortable. She wasn’t daunted by the questions, but she knew that she was being handled with kid gloves. The women of “The View” were not going to pounce on this kid.

And they saved the best question for last. Behar asked Lahren if it was true that she is pro-choice, and Lahren replied that she is indeed a pro-choice Republican, unlike 68% of the Republican Party. The audience applauded and cheered with delight as did the women in the panel discussion.

Tomi was obviously quite pleased with herself when the entire group erupted with admiration as they congratulated her for her strong opposition to the pro-life position of the Republican Party. She was all smiles as she reminded the women and audience that she was often hated by both sides. Yeah, Tomi, what a great moment for your comic relief.

Throughout her approximately ten minute visit on “The View,” Lahren repeated “I’m all about honesty.” The hosts suggested that Tomi share her pro-choice stance with fellow Republicans, and with a laugh she stated, “I do everyday.” Really, Tomi? Everyday? I find that doubtful, especially for someone who says she is all about honesty.

But it was Lahren’s explanation for her pro-choice position that I found to be disingenuous. She declared, “I am for limited government. So, stay out of my guns, and stay out of my body as well.”

Ms. Lahren has a lot to learn. First of all, the government has to stay out of her guns, because the Second Amendment demands that they do so. On the other hand, the Constitution as written by the Founders does not allow for the infanticide known as abortion.

Secondly, Lahren is right about the government staying out of her body. But she has it backwards. Abortion is all about the government being in the woman’s body. Limited government does not concern itself with abortion. Limited government does, however, address the taking of a human being’s life. In a nutshell, it’s illegal.

For me, the jury is no longer out for Tomi Lahren. Being pro-choice is an ultra-liberal position, and it thrilled the gang of liberal women on “The View” that Lahren stands with them on this life and death matter. And Tomi was elated that they approved of her.

Yes, Tomi, they do approve, for now. Your need for positive attention did not escape them. You gave them the big high five on abortion, and nothing else matters to these feminists.

Tomi Lahren is young and ambitious, not to be confused with passionate. But the marketing of conservatism looks to be second in importance to her ambition and self-seeking publicity.


  1. Statistics show there’s only a minimal chance that conservatives sharing the same views on a dozen or so topics represent a large consensus of the party’s platform position. For example, if there’s a choice between pro-life and pro-choice not every conservative will choose pro-life, as Tomi has done, so there can be two groups in the Party. If there’s a choice of being a hawk or a dove from a military standpoint, there could now be four separate groups one could belong to and still claim to be a conservative. Throw in a choice to raise or lower taxes for the wealthy and the four groups divide into eight. Toss in a choice to build a border wall or not build a wall and the number of possible groups increases to 16. That’s why the two-party political system is archaic and neither party can pick a path forward where there will be a large consensus on a plethora of choices. So given the reality of political platform statistics, don’t be too harsh on Tomi. We need strong conservative voices to counter the idiocy of the left.

    • I understand your points, Don. I think Tomi damaged herself when she claimed to be pro-choice after having proclaimed to be pro-life just a few months before. Her reference to pro-lifers as being hypocrites for supposedly taking an anti-constitutionalist stand on abortion, which I vehemently disagree with, was unnecessary and appeared to come from the vantage point of seeking approval from the women of The View. Tomi was far too anxious to please these women. When it was suggested to her that she push her pro-choice opinion, she said “I do everyday.” That was a blatant lie. And then she laughed and said that he got hate from both sides in reference to conservatives hating her for her pro-choice view. I found the entire incident to be bizarre. And because of her obvious attempt to befriend these liberal women and not have them think too badly of her, I don’t trust her at all. I believe we can all agree that in the conservative movement we will all have an issue or two in which we have a more moderate viewpoint. I don’t have a problem with individual differences. I don’t like groupthink. But my concern about Ms. Lahren reflects my distrust of her. I think her real concern is not her country but her celebrity. Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see.

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