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The Progressives always claim the righteous side of every argument. In their own deluded minds they have created the story line and game plan in which they win, no matter who holds the ball and who makes the points. It would be a genius strategy if it was rooted in the soil of truth.

But everything the Progressives do is grounded in lies. Truth is totally irrelevant to the Democrats and RINOS. So, when Plan A fails, Plan B kicks in with a completely different narrative. And it is this pivot that always keeps the Liberals one step ahead.

When it began to be difficult to continue with the “global warming” scam because of the unusually cold winters, voila’, suddenly it became “climate change.” Never ever count the liberal Left out. They will always change their version of the plot to suit their agenda.

And generally, the Democrat base always falls for the spin or the diversion. But sometimes, they end up with their just desserts, and that’s exactly what has happened to the white liberals who have apologized for their “white privilege.” They have just received the kick in the ass that I refer to as poetic justice.

In what can only be described as that “what goes around, comes around” moment, liberal whites who sought forgiveness for being white, are now being accused of using their admission of having white privilege as an alternative to actually participating in anti-racism efforts. Scholar Claire Lockard has written a “work” entitled, “Unhappy Confessions: The Temptation of Admitting to White Privilege.”

Lockard argues that white people who sign on to having white privilege are doing so for their own personal pleasure. They want to feel good about themselves, according to this so-called “scholar.” But the fact that they feel good about themselves leads to complacency, and they do nothing to fight racism.

I love, love, love it. In your face, white privilege butt-kissers. Lockard went on to say that she often interrupts white people in her classes so that minorities can speak up. Did it ever occur to her that maybe the minorities don’t want to speak up?

Lockard tweeted, “New favorite thing: interrupting white dudes in my classes to say, ‘I think some other folks want to join the conversation.'” Is Lockard implying that minorities are too stupid to insert themselves into the conversation, or does she just like coming down hard on white dudes?

I wish I could be a fly on the wall of Lockard’s class. Watching the crestfallen faces of the white liberals crying out for forgiveness in the name of white privilege while some bimbo tells them to shut up for talking so much is just perfect.

It actually reminds me of the white crowd which joined the Black Lives Matter marches only to be told they were not allowed to march in the front. “Go to the back of the bus, I mean parade, white boy!”

White Liberals still don’t get it. There is nothing they can do now or ever that will warm the cockles of the militant blacks’ hearts. It ain’t gonna happen Sherlock. You can crawl, bow down, march in BLM parades, beg for forgiveness, admit to white privilege, or do a little butt wipin’, but if you are white, you are always going to be the enemy of the Left. You are just too stupid to understand that.

One day, after it’s too late, white liberals who carry the water for the white privilege crowd are going to understand that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. And the way I look at it, if I’m going to be damned, I’d rather be damned if I don’t. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy me a little bit of that poetic justice as I watch these white weaklings make utter fools of themselves.

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